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Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of fiber optic and copper data communications cabling and connectivity solutions. Since 1983, the products we design and manufacture are forever changing the way the world communicates. Our customers and end-users depend on our products to ensure critical data can be transmitted reliably and timely, in a vast number of industries and applications. Our high-bandwidth cables transmit data, video and audio over distances of up to 10 miles.

We provide a wide-range of industry solutions including Enterprise (Hospitals, Higher Education, Healthcare etc…), Industrial, Broadcast, Security and Monitoring, Oil & Gas, Military, Mining and Transportation.

Optical Cable Corporation is a Solution Partner.

FOTC (Fiber Optic Tray Cable)

  • What is FOTC?
  • Differences from other forms of Tray Cable
    • TRAY CABLE (TC) describes a copper cable that has certain construction elements built-in to withstand the potential exposure from being installed in a tray.
    • TRAY CABLE OPTICAL FIBER (TC-OF) refers to a hybrid cable that has the same construction as above, but also contains a fiber optic element.
    • FIBER OPTIC TRAY CABLE (FOTC) is a cable that is fiber-only. These are built to perform under the same harsh environments as the previous cables (TC & TC-OF), only no power conductors.
  • OCC Engineered Solution:
    • When OCC first built our reputation as pioneers in fiber optic cable over 35 years ago, we made a commitment to quality, performance, and service. Initially known for our expertise in creating battle-tested products for the military, OCC has expanded into many other areas, including Fiber Optic Tray Cables. OCC manufactures our fiber-only cables by eliminating the copper elements in these hybrid cables, without reducing the durability or reliability. These cables maintain the same mechanical durability and are built to withstand the demands of cable installed in tray applications.
  • Cables to be Used