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Optimum Path Inc. is a global leader in the development of software for advanced visualization and planning
of physical and logical infrastructure for data center facilities. Our brands are sold globally through our strategic reseller network, directly to end-users and rebranded through our technology OEM partners. Many exciting milestones have been achieved since our incorporation in 1999 and we are excited to pursue many more significant milestones in the future as we continue to develop our software solutions.

Featured Solutions

Visual Data Center

Visual Data Center is recognized as a leading vendor in the DCIM software space by the research analyst community. Our unified platform is designed to aggregate multiple sources of asset data, reduce data center operational expenses and improve system and application reliability by providing a broad set of features used across multiple roles within the data center environment.

Visual Cloud Manager

Visual Cloud Manager is a highly visual and centralized management portal which enables the end-to-end management of converged infrastructure. This includes facility, IT and virtual server technologies. Visual Cloud Manager unifies infrastructure information and data with 3D representation for the logical and physical networks, devices, systems, facilities and access control in highly dynamic IT environments.

Visual Asset Manager

Visual Asset Manager is a SaaS based asset management solution designed to dramatically improve the tracking, management and organization for end user assets. Designed with the data center operator in mind, the feature set is directly geared towards improving the efficiency and process of maintaining both the facility and IT device asset information. The highly visual and graphical interface completely eliminates the need to maintain Excel spreadsheets and Visio diagrams in favor of the web based, 3D navigation and device information interface.