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Signify is leading the technology revolution with innovation across the digital lighting value chain. The company's wide range of offerings, whether it be components, luminaires, systems and controls, or total lighting solutions and services, customers can trust Philips to deliver innovation that is as impactful as it is progressive.

LED Lamps and Systems


LED lighting is highly efficient, long lasting environmentally friendly and inherently controllable – enabling both new and traditional applications of light. The world-wide transformation to energy-efficient LED technologies continues at a rapid pace.

Philips remains on the cutting edge with exciting, meaningful LED solutions that can help transform your environment and reinforce brand identity, while reducing lighting-related energy costs and minimizing environmental impact.

Fixtures (Luminaires)

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Searching for just the right luminaire? Whatever the application, Philips has one of the most comprehensive lighting offerings in the industry. By harnessing the strengths from each of their trusted brands to maintain the best-of-the-best, Philips has streamlined their portfolio from over 30 brands to only 8, to simplify finding the right solution.
Philips is making it simpler for our customers to choose the lighting solutions of tomorrow.

Lighting Electronics (Ballasts)

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With the broadest selection of industry leading components across all lighting technologies, including HID, fluorescent, LED and more, trust Philips to help sustain your success.

Philips the expertise and high-quality solutions to meet your lighting goals and offer one-stop shopping convenience to simplify your procurement. Each component is sustainably manufactured to the highest standards. As part of this goal, Philips strives to achieve full RoHS compliance for all products to minimize harmful impact to the environment.

Interact Pro

Interact Pro

Interact Pro is an intuitive app and portal that deliver the power of IoT connected lighting to small and medium-sized businesses with up to 200 light points. It works with Philips LED smart luminaires, retrofit kits, lamps and smart sensors and wall-switches that are Interact Ready. Data generated from projects can be used for service contracts-based alerts on light failures, optimized energy usage and light schemes. How does Interact Pro help You?

  • Easy to install and set-up
  • Long-term, low-risk solution
  • Reliable and robust
  • Effortless compliance
Philips News
  • Introducing Trulifi from Signify

    Where there’s light… there can be wireless communication through LiFi.

  • Philips EvoKit LED Retrofit

    Philips EvoKit LED makes it easier and more affordable than ever to upgrade fluorescent troffers to energy-efficient LED. It’s compatible with standard and narrow T-grids and can be fitted without entering ceilings.

  • Connected Lighting - Interact Pro

    Interact Pro - Bringing easy to install wireless connected lighting to small and medium-sized businesses, the Interact Pro app allows fast set up by electrical contractors and personal control for employees.

  • Philips Lighting Light to Go

    Introducing Philips' new line up of lighting essentials – quick to order, easy on your wallet and simple to use. And, all Light to go products are available in 48 hours or less!

  • Philips InstantFit

    InstantFit by Philips works with 184 ballasts, proves over 40% energy savings, even light outputs and a long average lifetime. Learn more.

Featured Signify Products

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Connected Lighting - Interact Pro