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Polyphaser Protection Products

Whether your coaxial application is at the tower top, GPS or in the base station, RF products designed and manufactured by PolyPhaser have set the standards for the industry.  PolyPhaser's patented designs are engineered for low voltage let-through and superior RF operations, offering the industry's best performance.

Through a strategic partnership with PolyPhaser, Anixter provides comprehensive solutions and a large product portfolio of RF surge protection solutions to meet all your network needs and requirements.

RF Protection Technology

Ultra Low PIM

Protectors: Passive Intermodulation produces signals at unwanted frequencies that can interfere with RF signal reception. PolyPhase's ultra-low PIM surge protectors are specially designed to minimize such interferences.

DC Block Filters and Arrestors

PolyPhaser's DC blocked products are designed to pass RF frequencies and effectively block all DC, while providing industry's best RF performance. DC blocks protectors find their ideal use in applications where DC is not required on the coaxial cable such as SCADA, two-way radio, cellular, DGM, DCMA and UMTS.

DC Pass Arrestors

Engineered for low voltage let-through and superior RF performance, PolyPhaser's patented DC pass lightning protection devices offer superior performance to protect sensitive Tower Top Amplifiers (TTA) or active antenna systems where DC voltage is required, such as GPS, 3G-4G, WIMAX and Ret. 

Protect Bias-T

Whenever DC power needs to be inserted into an AC signal to power remote antenna amplifiers or other devices, a Bias-T connector is required. Polyphaser's GXTM Series Bias-T products are RF path protectors with an integrated, protected DC Bias-T function.

Grounding Solutions

The complete and proper installation of a single point grounding installation is imperative for human safet systems integrity. PolyPhaser's Eartherd Entry Panels are an all-copper coaxial solutions for your grounding needs.

Featured PolyPhaser Products

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