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Protective Industrial Products (PIP) has been an independently owned supplier and manufacturer of consumable personal protective equipment (PPE) to industrial customers for over 30 years. PIP constantly strives to build their product line with the value proposition of quality, integrity and safety. PIP’s products have been designed and rigorously tested with the utmost safety in mind and they are highly confident in the ability of their products to perform well "at work" and beyond.

PIP’s strategy is a simple one – They have built their business in a way that is based on assisting customers of any type with their PPE requirements through a solutions based approach.

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The G-TekATG® brand is applied to seamless knit coated gloves used for various cut protection and general purpose applications for various industrial, construction, and MRO applications. As a comprehensive line of hand protection, G-Tek encompasses several technology platforms to meet the various needs of the market. Each cut resistant glove is tested to both ANSI and EN standards, and test scores are readily available on each product’s webpage.

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Focused on innovation and quality, ATG® designs, develops and manufactures gloves that enhance the performance of the most sophisticated work tool, the hand. ATG believes in keeping it simple and offer just 4 brands that are skin friendly, extremely comfortable and highly durable. ATG’s technology platforms are continuously developed by a core team that matches market research and marketing analysis with the latest technological developments. ATG continually improves the customer’s experience through constant innovation.

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Rubber insulating gloves are personal protective equipment (PPE) used in carrying out work with energized parts, and are mainly used by lineman involved in the maintenance of power supply lines. They form the first line of defense in the utilities, telecommunication and transportation industries. NOVAX gloves are manufactured using an environmentally friendly aqueous dip process. NOVAX rubber insulating gloves are manufactured to meet and even exceed the standards of ASTM D-120 and IEC EN60903, which are the internationally recognized standards for rubber insulating gloves.

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Over 60 years ago, HL Bouton Co. began producing eyewear for American industrial workers with one thing in mind: give workers safety glasses that they want to wear. Now HL Bouton Co. has been reinvented, and Bouton® Optical by PIP has elevated safety eyewear to a whole new level of comfort. Bouton Optical offers you the right lenses for your working environment.

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The Maximum Safety® brand of Hi-Performance gloves was developed to provide the added protection needed that most gloves aren’t designed to provide. Depending on your needs, Maximum Safety® provides various solutions for impact protection, cold protection, heat protection, FR and AR protection, and more! Advancements in our design also provide ergonomic solutions that increase comfort while reducing hand fatigue.

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JSP is Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of “above the neck” Personal Protective Equipment and acknowledged leader in industrial head protection, manufacturing on three continents and exporting to over 90 countries. An estimated 40 million people worldwide use JSP products daily to protect themselves in their lives and workplaces.

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The largest concern at Hellberg Safety is your hearing.  For 55 years, the Hellberg mission has been to develop and supply hearing protection and communication solutions for all people exposed to excessive noise at work. Since the start in 1962, Helberg's focus has been on developing effective and comfortable hearing protection that eliminates harmful noise while allowing the sounds you want to hear to reach you. Investment in advanced technology and in their own sound laboratory has put Hellberg at the forefront of new hearing protection development.

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The Assurance brand of products has been developed for chemical resistant applications found in all types of industrial settings and designed with the utmost safety in mind. Chemical resistance test results are available on a wide variety of chemical families found commonly in the workplace. All of these gloves have been tested for durability as well. Assurance hand protection will satisfy your needs or Assurance will take the product back.

PIP offers the most comprehensive line of vend-packed PPE:

  • Frequently used items
  • Optimally size for most vending machines
  • Bar-coded packaging for inventory control

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19-D322/L | G-Tek 3GX Great White Dyneema Diamond Blended Glove With PU Coated Palm image
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