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Remke Industries

For 50 years Remke Industries has been manufacturing one of the largest and most diverse lines of electrical connectors in the industry. Remke is committed to the highest standard of quality, meeting or exceeding customer requirements and expectations. For over 15 years Remke has been ISO certified and remain compliant with all new and revised ISO standards. Remke's tagline of "Connecting Possibilities" signifies the combination of their focus on connectors with depth of line, flexibility and service.

Cord Connectors/Cord Grips

Remke Industries Cord Connectors/Cord Grips image

The breadth of the Remke line of Cord Connectors encompasses conduit sizes from ¼” to 3” in straight, 90º and 45º styles and fittings offered in machined aluminum, nickelplated aluminum, steel, stainless steel, nylon and Valox®.

Wire Mesh Grips

Remke Industries Wire Mesh Grips image

Remke Wire Mesh Cable Grips distribute stress over a large area to prevent damage to wire, cable and flexible conduit. They are built to perform their task over an extended period of time without loosening their hold. All Remke wire mesh grips are available in a wide selection of cable ranges and eye styles and can be used in conjunction with any RSR cord connector.

Dome Cap Cable Glands

Remke Industries Dome Cap Cable Glands image

Dome Cap Cable Glands provide easy handling, quick installation, impact and abrasion resistance even at very low temperatures. These connectors withstand the rigors of continuous flexing and bending with ease and can be used with a wide range of cables both indoors and outdoors. Exceeding NEMA 6 specifications, dome cap cable Glands are also UL and CSA approved and rated IP 68 making them suitable for use underwater to 130 feet.

PowR-Teck™ MC Cable Connectors

Remke Industries PowR-Teck™ MC Cable Connectors image

Remke PowR-Teck™ MC Cable Connectors are designed to form a watertight seal around the jacketed metal cable and at the enclosure entry. Rated NEMA 4 and IP 65, these connectors are in-stock in 1/2" to 4" hub sizes in aluminum, nickel-plated aluminum and stainless steel.

Featured Remke Industries Products

Remke RSR-105 | 1/2" Straight Cord Grip image
Remke RSR-418 | 1 1/4" Straight Cord Grip image
Remke RSR-105-E | Aluminum Cord Grip with Mesh Complete Assembly image
Aluminum Cord Grip with Mesh Complete Assembly
Remke RSR-902 | Aluminum Cord Grip Complete Assembly 90 Degree image