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With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, RLE Technologies is a leading provider of water leak detection systems, wired and wireless web-based monitoring solutions, and raised floor airflow management products for mission-critical facilities.

RLE products are widely revered in the marketspace for their quality and reliability.  All of RLE’s sensing cables and a vast majority of the core product line are manufactured and assembled in the USA. RLE products are used widely in the telecommunications, colocation, IT, scientific, education, healthcare, real estate, military, government, public utility, financial services, and entertainment industries.

Falcon Facility Monitoring Devices

Provides oversight into the environmental conditions and infrastructure components of any facility.  RLE’s units feature an integrated UI that allow them to excel as stand-alone monitoring devices but are also engineered to communicate via protocol integration with BMS and DCiM systems to provide a single pane of glass view of the conditions of a facility’s environment and its infrastructure equipment.

Raptor Integration Solutions

Leverage protocol communications to integrate equipment into BMS and other automation systems. Raptor products also simplify signal convergence and alarm annunciation. They easily integrate into existing management and monitoring systems to provide enhanced visibility of critical equipment and environmental conditions. RLE's UL508a certification allows us to engineer and manufacture custom annunciation panels and certify the panels we create under the UL label.

Seahawk Leak Detection Equipment

Detects and annunciates the presence of any conductive fluid. RLE’s patented leak detection cable, used along with distance-read and zone leak detection controllers, are reliable, scalable solutions that mitigate the potential for costly business outages and downtime in facilities worldwide

Triad Raised Floor and Airflow Solutions

Direct air where you need it, providing proven results for data centers and other raised floor environments around the world.  Patented features, including stratification fins and dual integrated handles, set Triad floor panels apart from the competition and facility accessories like blanking panels and underfloor plenum panels provide a complete facility airflow solution.

The WiNG Wireless Monitoring 

Features sensors with up to a 12 year battery life, a transmission range up to 600’, 98% packet transmission success, protocol integration into BMS/DCiM product, no additional required software or recurring costs, and a very appealing price point.  A growing selection of sensors is available to meet any facility’s wireless monitoring needs.

RLE Services

Includes Startup, Commissioning, and Training to maximize the effectiveness of leak detection and environmental monitoring equipment.  

SeaHawk Product Matrix 

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