ServiceWire 174x84

Service Wire is a second-generation, family-owned wire and cable manufacturer and has been since 1968. They are committed to producing the finest quality American made products, while providing industry-leading service levels. Their nationwide network of distributors and advanced distribution capabilities enable us to meet and exceed the often complex needs of clients throughout North America and the world.


The only complete solution for common issues associated with VFD applications.


This enhanced-surface cross-link insulation does not require pulling lubricant.


2kV Rated RHH/RHW-2, 1kV/2kV Rated RWU90 and 2kV Rated PV Cable.


Twisted conductors create a consistent, uniform construction – reducing set-up time, cost and scrap.


Meeting the increasing demand for solar applications with high quality photovoltaic wire and cable. 


The original full wall, Limited Smoke, Zero Halogen (LSZH) cable ensures safety in case of fire.

Heavy Commercial

Service Wire specializes in time and cost-saving solutions. From the full line of colored XHHW-2 to Feeder MC and bare copper, they have what you need and can get it on site fast. 


Service Wire's strength in the idustrial market is back by the superior manufacturing, fully stocked warehouse capacity and unrivaled "On Demand" Cable Management Program. Service Wire products are manufactured and stocked across the USA. The unique combination of quick, dependable lead times and low minimums ensure you get exactly what you need on site fast.


Whether it's control, direct burial, grounding or riser – rest assured Service Wire has the right cable to suit your substation and energy distribution applications. K1 and K2 color codes available. Their Cable Management Program reduces on-site stock and provides total control over inventory in our warehouse – with around-the-clock manufacturing and distribution nationwide.

Renewable Energy

Whether it's generation, transmission or distribution, Service Wire has the right cable for wind and solar applications. Their quality assurance program and stringent testing procedures ensure reliable quality and unmatched service levels. And the "On Demand" Cable Management Program reduces your on-site stock and gives you total control over your inventory in the warehouse. 

Quality Systems

Excellence is at the core of everything Service Wire does - from the raw, made-in-USA materials, to the stringent in-house testing procedures. Ordering from inventory? They test every order leaving the warehouse, with certified test reports available to confirm condition and quality of your order. Critical delivery? Service Wire logistics experts and ISO certified processes document product condution and ensure proper reel handling, so your order arrives on-time and damage free. Learn more.