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Signamax offers a broad array of connectivity and network solutions for the industrial, commercial, medical, and military sectors. Signamax is dedicated to a clear, consistent, and comprehensive policy that includes commitments to customers, employees, and distributors. We believe serving customers extends beyond technology and encourage open dialogue to continually grow our knowledge, improve performance, and provide you, our customers, innovative technologies.

That is why at Signamax, we develop products and features to exceed customer expectations so we can live up to our promise of – Keeping Your World Connected.


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Signamax Network Solutions products offer a complete end-to-end networking solution through a single vendor that are commercial and industrial grade, ranging from media converters to powerful 10 Gigabit switches. We have a wide range of high-performance and cost-effective product options including components that support Power over Ethernet (PoE) installations and advanced network management requirements so you can build a foundation for success.

Our Network Solutions products are used by a wide variety of customers including enterprise, government, education, retail, industrial, security, and service providers. Critical networks run on solutions that consistently produce results and meet or exceed the expectations of the application as well as the customer.

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Signamax Connectivity Solutions supports today's most advanced networking technologies through a comprehensive line of structured cabling products, both copper and fiber optic, designed to work together as a system.

From Category 6A, to 5e, to fiber optics, work area outlets, patch panels, cross-connect systems and much more, Signamax equips you with high-quality, high-performance solutions for information transport networks such as FLS systems, industrial control systems, cabling systems of single-user and multi-user buildings.

Effectively adapt to the evolving future in a faster way, whether you are supporting a large enterprise, data center, or a small business infrastructure, Signamax offers the system solutions your organization requires.

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Connectivity Solutions Products

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