5G. Universal. LTE-M. Sole Path. Dual Path. Power off the Panel. Honeywell CLSS Integration.

Telguard Expands its Fire Communicator Line. Solutions for Every Fire Application.

Like the performance and reliability of the workhorse TG-7FS LTE? It’s on the shelf at your local WESCO | Anixter branch.

Need an affordable 5G LTE-M sole-path communicator? Look no further than the TG-7FP.

Want the flexibility of two communication pathways? That’s the new TG-7FE - 5G LTE-M dual-path internet/cellular.


Just need to upgrade an existing 3G TG-7 Series radio to LTE? Simply install and activate a TG-7UBL replacement board in the existing enclosure without taking it off the wall – all UL requirements are still intact.

Want to provide your customer with a fire communicator that’s Honeywell CLSS-enabled? That’s the new Honeywell HW-TG7L Series. It combines Telguard’s TG-7FS LTE fire alarm communicator with the powerful functionality of Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS).

Don’t just upgrade your communicator. Upgrade your communicator provider. Upgrade to Telguard.


Contact your WESCO | Anixter representative for more information on Telguard’s complete lineup of world-class fire communicators.


TG-7FS | Cellular Communicator with Telco Connectivity
TG-7FP | Economical Cellular Sole Path Communicator
TG-7FE | Dual Path Internet & Cellular Communicator
TG-7UBL | Upgrade Board for 3G/CDMA Units