TRENDnet: Powerline 200 AV PoE+ Adapter


TRENDnet's Powerline 200 AV PoE+ Adapter, creates a high-speed Powerline 200 network using your home's existing electrical system. 

Trendnet Simple Plug-In

Simple Plug-In Installation

No configuration needed! Simply plug in TRENDnet Powerling adapters and they will auto-connect right out of the box.

Trendnet Powerline 200

Powerline 200

Powerline 200 technology delivers fast and stable networking to seamlessly connect devices. 

Trendnet PoE port

PoE+ Port

Features a PoE+ output port for connecting PoE devices such as IP cameras, wireless access points and VoIP handsets over a Powerline network. 

Key Features

  • PoE+ output port for connecting PoE devices over a Powerline network
  • Powerline range of up to 300m (984 ft.) over existing electrical lines
  • Two Powerline adapters are required to start a network
  • Cross compatible with Powerline 1200, 600, and 500 adapters