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All-in-one, comprehensive security solutions for premises, property and people.

Tyco provides innovative integrated security and protection solutions for homes and businesses around the world, through a portfolio of brands and products — one of the most comprehensive in the industry — and delivers quality through a network of outstanding partners and trusted integrators. Tyco addresses key security needs in video surveillance, access control, cloud and integrated solutions.

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From small, single-camera systems to large, scalable deployments with thousands of devices, the Exacq portfolio provides an ideal security solution for almost any application, particularly those requiring an uncomplicated installation process and intuitive user experience.

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lllustra cameras provide a versatile and scalable surveillance solution for deployments where advanced video intelligence, innovative recording features and open platform integrations are required.

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Serving small- to medium-sized businesses, Kantech provides integrated access control technologies that are reliable, easy to install, and scalable. Its flagship solution, the EntraPass access control software and KT controllers, enable more simplified configuration and robust reporting to enhance the user experience.

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American Dynamics

Hardware and software platforms from American Dynamics allow users to see more and prevent events before they occur. Improve user efficiency and resources with high-performance smart streaming and video intelligence along with an extensive feature set.

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Cloudvue invented cloud video surveillance in 1999 and has been continuously innovating and pushing the boundaries of cloud technology ever since they started. Today, thousands of businesses and organizations trust Cloudvue to simplify surveillance, streamline access control and provide powerful intelligence that improves security operations and helps
with organizational efficiency.

Tyco understands the complexity of security needs within different industries. That’s why Tyco is an industry expert at incorporating security systems into a variety of environments that meet your needs, regardless of location size or safety requirements. Whether you need to optimize and streamline your current infrastructure or address mission critical situations, we have developed enterprise-wide systems to ensure visibility, command and control.



We are committed to helping our education customers protect their students and staff and achieve their safety and security goals. Our cost-effective access control and integrated security management systems software, along with a wide range of products, allows institutions to address a variety of unique safety and security challenges.

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We use innovation to help our healthcare customers protect their patients, achieve their safety and security goals and increase their profitability. Tyco can address regulatory, operational, risk-management, safety, and loss-prevention challenges to cut costs, streamline operations, and improve the business of healthcare.

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A recognized leader in addressing governmental safety and security challenges, we are committed to helping governments and affiliated organizations achieve their homeland safety and security goals. Our cost-effective access control and integrated security management system software, along with a wide range of products, allow government agencies to address a variety of unique safety and security challenges.


Each year, Tyco’s Retail Solutions help protect more than three billion products available at leading consumer outlets around the world. We are committed to using our global resources and network of value-added partners to help our customers improve their profitability and achieve their retail security goals.

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Commercial & Industrial

Our integrated solutions can help address common issues facing today’s commercial and industrial businesses, from employee and customer safety, to theft and restricted-access risks. Tyco can provide a global standardized security solution, including equipment and installations, to achieve consistency and efficiency.

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Financial & Banking

Security is crucial for multisite financial institutions due to the increased trend of online self-service banking. With an ever-changing economic climate, financial institutions face other challenges as well, to protect their customers, staff, assets, and premises from physical attacks. The integrated solutions offered by Tyco help monitor high-risk areas, provide customer and staff safety, and even manage restricted access.

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Tyco provides a higher level of commitment to and integration for all your physical and digital security needs.

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Cyber Solutions

Tyco provides cyber-resilient systems with a range of capabilities to address the diverse security needs of our customers.

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Connected Partner Program

Tyco assists technology partners integrate their third-party solutions with our in-house brands to leverage our sales teams and market on a global scale.

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