TZ Centurion™

IP Based Access Control System.

The TZ Centurion™ system solution truly defines micro-protection. The system’s IP based access control system focuses on delivering physical security and environmental monitoring such as temperature sensing, humidity sensing and leak detection at the most granular level from anywhere in the world. TZ Centurion™ is a cost effective, flexible, retrofitable and easy to implement solution that has been designed specifically to protect your organization’s most valuable and sensitive assets.

Built on an open and extendable architecture, the patented decentralized and embedded intelligence within the system locking devices provide an unprecedented level of capability that cannot be readily delivered by conventional systems in terms of the integrity, control, auditability and traceability of discrete assets.

Depending on model the TZ Centurion™ Bridge can support 8, 32 or 70 TZ locking devices and 16, 64 or 140 sensors. Each Bridge can be managed individually or scaled to a larger system, allowing hundreds of networked TZ locking devices, sensors, gateways and other third party components to be administered through TZ Centurion™ Server software or through a third party network management system that supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).


  • IP based asset protection system which can seamlessly integrate with enterprise systems.
  • Physical security and audit trail capabilities for cabinets, equipment, panels and other enclosures.
  • Compatible with structured cabling up to 100m via Cat5e / Cat6.
  • Integrates TZ locking devices for quick and easy retrofitting to cabinets.
  • Supports multiple Wiegand devices for third party RFID readers.
  • Can control localized appliances such as fans and task lights.
  • Flexible and scalable system suitable for one cabinet or hundreds in multiple systems or across multiple sites.
  • Multi-level user permission for access control.
  • Remote upgrades of device firmware.
  • Support for SNMP traps.
  • Integrates with TZ Centurion™ Server.

TZ Centurion™