Fire Alarm Station, Manual, Dual Action, SPST, With Hex Key Reset

MFR PART #  103-22
PART #  236000
Minimum 1 EACH
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The 103 Series fire alarms are manually operated non-coded devices for initiating fire alarm signals. The pull handle latches until the station is reset by operating the station cover. Operation of the pull handle closes a single-pole or doublepole switch. Two wire barrier terminals are provided, each accommodating two conductors. Opening the cover also closes the alarm initiating switch to allow testing. Both 103-22 (Hex key reset) and 103-42 (cat 30 key reset) are dual action stations that are provided with a cover which must be lifted to expose the pull handle. A break-glass rod is included with each station for optional use

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  • Single and dual action pull stations
  • Terminal or pigtail connections
  • Semi-flush or surface mounting


Accessories COVER
Environment INSIDE
Type-Throw DOUBLE
UNSPSC Code 46171600