52BP Medium Format Integrated Electronics Outdoor

PART #  471610
Minimum 1 EACH


The 52 Cabinet Family has been designed with enhanced features and the capability to house current and future generations of electronic equipment. This family of cabinets shares many of the standard features of the CommScope cabinets such as rugged con struction, side splicing, and separate battery compartment. These cabinets have the capability to house any electronics, and to provide enhanced cooling, superior electromagnetic interference protection, and extended battery life. ; These cabinets have the capability to house any electronics, and to provide enhanced cooling, superior electromagnetic interference protection, and extended battery life. Designed specifically for the outside plant environment, the 52 cabinet family optimizes equipment d ensity, heat transfer and dissipation, power reserve, environmental protection and ease of installation and maintenance. The cabinets are designed with flexibility in mind. They are efficiently designed to maximize valuable electronic space by utilizin g the side chambers for passive equipment. The 52-type family can accommodate from 48 lines up to 1600 lines, depending on the type of access equipment selected and installed. All models except the 52E can be pole, wall or pad mounted. The 52BP and 52B can also be mounted on an existing host pad as an adjunct installation, utilizing an overhang plate. The Enhanced Cooling System enables a reduced cost-per-line solution and the capability for higher traffic rates and denser electronic equipment. This new cooling technology significantly improves battery life over traditional cooling systems by greatly reducing battery temperatures without the use of air conditioners. Lower battery temperature results in longer battery life and reduced battery repl acement costs. Many optional features are available such as battery heater pads, writing/computer shelf, audible door alarms, and enhanced EMI shielding. These options allow the flexibility to economically customize cabinets to your specific needs, pay ing only for those options that you want.

This part is discontinued by supplier with no suggested replacement.


  • Available in 24-inch (12RU), 36-inch (19RU), and 48-inch (26RU) heights
  • Swing out feature facilitates front and rear access for quick changes and maintenance
  • Standards compliant
  • Pre-mounted 12-24 Tapped Adjustable Rails
  • Supplied with 20 Equipment Mounting Screws
  • 4-inch sub-panel with top and bottom cable access knock-outs
  • Rear subpanel features cable knock-outs with top and bottom access
  • Flush Side Panels: solid or vented
  • Flush Top Panels: solid, vented or pre-mounted with fans
  • Locking front and rear compartments, keyed alike
  • Optional Pre-Mounted Fans for Thermal Control
  • Cabinets ship fully assembled
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Durable Epoxy Power Coat Finish

Specification Description

Batteries Supported: 1
Electronics Bay Quantity: 1
Access: Front Door, Side Splice Door
Batteries Supported With Optional Battery Pedestal: 2
Cabinet Type: xDSL Cabinet
Color: Beige
Cooling Options: Heat Exchange
Electronics Bay Height Each: 711.2 mm (28 Inch)
Finish: Powder Coated
Material Type: Aluminum
Rack Orientation: Horizontal
Rack Type: EIA 23 Inch
Rack Units: 16
Cooling Capacity At 46 deg C (114.8 deg F) Ambient Temperature: 1100 Watt At 65 deg C (149 deg F) Inlet, No Official Lab Tested Data At 75 deg C (167 deg F) Inlet
Input Voltage: 230 - 115 Volt AC
Voltage: -48 Volt DC
Battery Compartment Dimension: 13 Inch Height x 5 Inch Width x 22 Inch Depth
Mount Type: Pad, Pole, Wall
Network Pair Termination Option: 710, MS2
Recommended Pad Size: 90 Inch x 68 Inch (2286 mm x 1727 mm)
Operating Temperature: -40 to 46 deg C (-40 to 115 deg F)
Qualification Standards: Telcordia GR-487
Dimension: 48 Inch Height x 60 Inch Height WithOptionalBatteryPedestal x 43 Inch Width x 21 Inch Depth

Tech Info

ISO 9001:2008: Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system


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Spec Sheet