TRIPP LITE | APSINT2012 | 37332090331
2000W APS INT Series 12VDC 230V Inverter/Charger with Auto Transfer Switching, Hardwired

MFR PART #  APSINT2012  | 37332090331
PART #  565051
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The APSINT2012 2000W PowerVerter APS INT 12V DC 230V AC Inverter/Charger is a reliable power source for a wide variety of equipment ranging from power tools and pumps to portable lighting and computer equipment in heavy-load conditions. With no fumes, fuel or excess noise, it’s an excellent alternative to generator power.


  • Reliable Power for Mobile, Emergency and Remote Sites
  • Generates safe, stable, computer-grade 230V AC power from 12V battery bank
  • Ideal for powering tools, saws, motors, pumps, portable lighting, appliances and computer equipment in heavy-load conditions
  • Designed for easy installation in RVs, over-the-road trucks, fleet vehicles and conversion vans
  • Functions as a vehicle inverter, standalone AC power source or extended-run UPS
  • Unlimited runtime with variety of user-supplied batteries
  • Meets Normal a Peak Power Demands
  • 2000W of continuous power
  • 3000W of reserve power up to 1 hr.
  • 4000W of peak power up to 10 sec. to accommodate surge power demands during equipment startup and cycling
  • Automatic overload detector, built-in cooling fan and resettae AC circuit breakers protect unit from damage
  • High-current DC input terminals for simple hardwired installation
  • Automatic Transfer Switching
  • Transfer relay switches to inverter power during blackout in 20 ms
  • 3-position switch enables Auto, Charge On or System Off mode
  • DIP switches configure high and low voltage auto-transfer
  • 3-Stage 15/60A Selectable Battery Charger
  • Serves as battery charger when external 230V AC power is supplied and powering connected equipment
  • Protects battery from overchargg and overdischarging
  • Low-battery protection prevents excessive battery depletion
  • DIP switches configure wet/gel charging profiles
  • Optional Remote Control Capability
  • RJ45 communication port allows connection of optional remote control module, such asripp Lite’s APSRM4
  • Front-Panel LEDs
  • Indicate AC/DC operational modes, overload status, DC voltage level, shutdown status and system fault status
  • Rugged Polycarbonate Housing
  • Resists moisture, vibration and impact
  • Built-in mounting feet for installat on any rigid horizontal surface

Specification Description

Inverter/Charger With Auto-Transfer Switching
Frequency Compatibility: 50 Hz
Output: 2000 Watt
Continuous Output Capacity: 2000 Watt
Peak Output Capacity (Watt): 4000 Watt
Output Nominal Voltage: 230 Volt
Output Voltage Regulation: Line Power (AC): Maintains 230 Volt Nominal Sine Wave Output From Line Power Source. Inverter Power (AC): Maintains PWM Sine Wave Output Voltage of 230 Volt AC (+/-5%)
Output Frequency Regulation: 50 Hz (+/- 0.3 Hz)
Overload Protection: Includes 10 Amp Input Breaker Dedicated to the Charging System And 15 Amp Output Breaker for AC Output Loads
Nominal Input Voltage Supported: 230 Volt AC
Recommended Electrical Service: DC Input: Requires 12 Volt DC Input Source Capable of Delivering 192 Amp For the Required Duration (When Used at Full Continuous Capacity - DC Requirements Increase During Over Power And Double Boost Operation). For Automotive Applications, Professional Hardwire Installation With 400 Amp Minimum Battery System Fusing is Recommended
Maximum Input Amp/Watt: DC Input: Full Continuous Load - 192 Amp At 12 Volt DC. AC Input: 17 Amp At 230 Volt AC With Full Inverter And Charger Load (8.7 Amp Max Charger-Only/Combined Input Load To Support Charger And AC Output is Automatically Controllable To 66%-33%-0% based On AC Output Loading Using the Charger Limiting Set Points
Input Connection Type: DC Input: Set of 2 DC Bolt-Down Terminals. AC Input: Hardwire Via Built-In Junction Box With Cover Plate
Voltage Compatibility: 230 Volt AC/12 Volt DC
Input Frequency: 50 Hz
Expandable Battery Runtime: Runtime is Expandable With any Number of User Supplied Wet or Gel Type Batteries
DC System Voltage: 12 Volt DC
Battery Charge: 15/60 Amp (Selectable)
Switches: 3 Position On/Off/Remote Switch Enables Simple On/Off Power Control Plus "Auto/Remote" Setting That Enables Distant On/Off Control of the Inverter System When Used in Conjunction With Optional APSRM4 Accessory When Used in Inverter Mode. In AC Uninterruptible Power Mode, "Auto/Remote" Setting Enables Automatic Transfer From Line Power to Battery Power - to Maintain Continuous AC Power to Connected Loads
Front Panel LEDs: Set of 6 LEDs Offer Continuous Status Information on Load Percentage (6 Levels Reported) And Battery Charge Level (7 Levels Reported)
Unit Dimensions (HxWxD): 7 Inch x 8.5 Inch x 14 Inch (17.78 cm x 21.59 cm x 35.56 cm)
Unit Weight: 42 lb (19.1 kg)
Cooling Method: Multi-Speed Fan
Material Of Construction: Polycarbonate
Form Factors Supported: Mounting Slots Enable Permanent Plac

Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet