0U Rack Mount Smart CDU Expansion Unit, Outlets: (36) IEC 60320/C13, Input: 208 Volt, 3 Phase Wye, 50/60 Hz, 30 Amp, Output: 208 Volt, Input Cord: NEMA L21-30P Cordset, 10 ft (3 m), Bottom/Bottom Cord Entry

PART #  558359
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  • The IP PDU can be remotely monitored, but cannot be remotely powered down
  • Branch circuit protection - the server technology Sentry CDU Family meets the UL 60950-1 requirement for branch circuit protection
  • Local and Network Input Current Monitoring- Exclusive Digital True RMS current monitoring is critical to preventing overloads in high-density computing environments. LED digital display on the IP PDU enclosure reports the aggregate current draw of the branch circuit. The monitoring information ca n also be accessed over IP using a web browser or SNMP alerts
  • Temperature and humidity- The IP PDU supports two external 10 ft (3 m) probes. Each of these probes measures both Temperature and humidity. Receive SNMP-based alerts or email notifications from your IP PDU when conditions exceed defined thresholds
  • Zero U PDU- The IP PDU is available in a vertical enclosure that occupies Zero Vertical U of rack space in the equipment cabinet. They mount on the back rails or in the cavity space of the cab inet
  • Add a redundant PDU - connect an expansion cabinet power distribution unit to any IP PDU to monitor two power input circuits under 1 IP address
  • SNMP management and event notification- The IP PDU supports SNMP. This allows network management systems to use SNMP requests to retrieve information. The IP PDU includes SNMP v1 agent supporting standard MIB I and MIB II objects. A private enterprise MIB extension is also supported to provide network access power information. SNMP traps can be genera ted for various events
  • Secure access- SSH or SSL Protection: SSH is a Unix-based command interface and protocol for securely getting access to a network access device. The IP PDU support SSHv2. SSL is a commonly-used protocol for managing the security of a message transmission on the Internet. The IP PDU supports SSLv3/TLSv1
  • LDAP/LDAPS- The IP PDU supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) version 3 including LDAPS (LDAP over TSL/SSL). This support enables authentication with LDAP serve rs. Administrators can pre-define and configure a set of necessary LDAP groups and access rights for each group
  • RS-232 Control- Serial control via any device with a bi-directional serial port, including a PC, laptop, KVM switch, console port access sw itch, or terminal server

Specification Description

0U Rack Mount Smart CDU Expansion Unit
Input Voltage: 208 Volt, 3 Phase Wye, 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage: 208 Volt
Amperage Rating: 30 Amp
Input Cord: NEMA L21-30P Cordset, 10 ft (3 m), Bottom/Bottom Cord Entry
Outlets: (36) IEC 60320/C13
Communications: 10/100 BaseT Ethernet, HTTP/HTTPS, SSLv3/TLSv1, SNMPv2, SSHv2, Telnet, LDAPv3/LDAPS, TACACS+, RADIUS, RS-232 (Serial)
Dimension: 68.000 Inch x 1.750 Inch x 3.230 Inch


Number of Outlets 36