DSR-50222SDGY10: CMR 50/22 610C 5M’

PART #  N-005022YAC
Available in 1 FEET increments
Minimum 1 FEET
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Digital transmission cables for T1/DS1, DS1C and DS2 frequencies. Designed for switching and transmission equipment cabling for telephone central offices, but can be used in campus or premises environments where T1 speeds and a low-loss shielded cable are required. Dual shield provides superior shielding performance to reduce signal interference. Equivalent to series 1249C. This design makes these cables ideal for termination of outside-plant distribution cabling to digital transmission equipment for VDSL, HDSL, SDSL, ADSL, DS1 (T1), DS1C, DS2 (T2), ISDN basic and primary rate and analog voice access lines.

This part has been discontinued by supplier.

Specification Description

Solid tinned-copper conductors

Conductors are twisted into varying lengths of lay to minimize crosstalk

Core wrap (optional) and aluminum foil shield

Tinned-copper drain wire

Lead-free FRPVC jacket

Tech Info

Formally an ADC Krone part.

UL and C(UL) listed type MPP/CMR

BellCore GR-137-CORE "Generic Requirements for Central Office Cables" for DS1 Waveform Compliance at 550 feet


Gauge 22
Number of Pairs 50 PAIRS
Shield YES