Tower Mounted Amplifier, Dual UMTS 2100 with AISG

MFR PART #  E15S08P95
PART #  465633
Minimum 1 EACH
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The tower mounted amplifiers from Andrew Solutions help optimize network performance and represent the ideal solution for coverage and capacity enhancement.; By improving uplink performance, Andrew Solutions tower mounted amplifiers (TMAs) ensure optimum coverage of fringe areas, weak spots, and indoor locations. Easily installed in any wireless system, TMAs provide multiple benefits: Improved sensitivityby reducing dropped calls and failed connection attempts. Enhanced signal qualityby improving voice clarity and data transmission speed. Lower handset outputby extending talktime, reducing interference while increasing traffic capacity in W-CDMA systems. Leveraging its world leading compact design, the OneBase AISG compact TMA allows a low visual impact cell sites integration or the easiest concealment solution within a RET enabled base station antenna. OneBase AISG compact TMA is part of Andrew Solutions TMA platform, a complete range of superior TMA products incorporating state-of-the-art technology and efficient production methods. The use of die-cast technology provides a very cost-effective solution and enables large volume production. The self-contained packaging is engineered to ensure the highest reliability in severe environments while featuring a very compact size and attractive appearance.


  • Electrical performance guaranteed to meet or exceed TIA/EIA 568-C.2 Category 6 and ISO/IEC Category 6/Class E specifications
  • Snaps into standard SYSTIMAX M-Series faceplates, surface-mount boxes, consolidation point boxes, or SYSTIMAX modular panels. Can also be mounted either at 90 degrees (straight) or 45 degrees (angled) in any SYSTIMAX faceplate
  • Universal design and label supports both T568 A & B wiring
  • Optional Plastic Icons (M61A) and Dust Covers (M20A) available in several colors
  • Backward compatible with Category 5e, 5 and 3 cords and cables, however optimal performance achieved when used with GigaSPEED XL GS8E patch cords
  • Can support network line speeds in excess of 1 gigabit per second
  • Qualifies for a 20-year product and applications assurance warranty when included as part of a
  • certified SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED XL channel

Specification Description

Tower Mounted Amplifier
Gain Tolerance: +/-1
Operating Current Tolerance: +/-15 mA
Insertion Loss Ripple (Maximum): 0.10 dB
Gain Ripple (Maximum): 0.4 dB
Insertion Loss (Maximum): 0.40 dB
Input P1dB (Typical): 1 dBm
RET System Compatible: 1 Output, 24 Volt DC And RS-485
Noise Figure (Mid Band, Typical): 1.20 dB At 12 dB
Noise Figure (Full Band, Typical): 1.40 dB At 12 dB
Volume: 1.6 L
Lightning Surge Current: 10 kA
Operating Current At Voltage: 100 mA At 12 Volt
3rd Order IMD: -110 dBm
Gain: 12 dB
Rx Group Delay Variation (Maximum): 12 ns At 5 MHz
Input Power (RMS, Maximum): 160 Watt
Width: 170 mm (6.7 Inch)
Return Loss (Minimum): 18 dB
Tx Total Group Delay (Maximum): 18 ns
Failure Current Consumption: 185 mA +/-10 mA At 12 Volt
Height: 188 mm (7.4 Inch)
Return Loss (Bypass Mode, Typical): 19 dB
Rx Frequency Band: 1920 - 1980 MHz
Tx Frequency Band: 2110 - 2170 MHz
Output IP3 (Minimum): 24 dBm At 12 dB
Input Power (PEP, Maximum): 2500 Watt
Tx Group Delay Variation (Maximum): 3 ns At 5 MHz
Insertion Loss (Bypass Mode, Typical): 3.20 dB
Mounting Pipe Diameter: 40 - 160 mm
Operating Temperature: -40 to 65 deg C (-40 to 149 deg F)
Rx Band Rejection: 50 dB
Depth: 50 mm (2.0 Inch)
Rx Bandwidth: 60 MHz
Tx Bandwidth: 60 MHz
Rx Total Group Delay (Maximum): 60 ns
Voltage: 7 - 30 Volt DC
Connector Interface: 7-16 DIN Female
Ground Screw Diameter: 8 mm
Lightning Surge Capability Waveform: 8/20 Waveform
Tx Band Rejection: 80 dB
Default Protocol: AISG 2.0
Protocol: AISG 2.0
Alarm Functionality: AISG, CWA
Mounting Pipe Hardware: Band Clamps
Color: Gray
Connector Interface Style: Long Neck
Finish: Painted
3rd Order IMD Test Method: Two +43 dBm Carriers
Rx License Band: UMTS
Tx License Band: UMTS
Relative Humidity: Upto 100%

Tech Info

ISO 9001:2008: Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system


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Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet