4x T1/E1/J1 + 10/100 Ethernet Transport Mux, Port One: 1310 nm Single-mode (SC) [20 km/12.4 mi], Port Two: (4) RJ48 [1.5 km/0.9 mi] Plus 10/100BASE-TX (RJ45) [100 m], SA

MFR PART #  S4TEF1014-125-SA
PART #  586981
Minimum 1 EACH
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These products offer a low cost transport capability for four T1/E1/J1 and one Ethernet port. The offering will provide copper connections compatible with G.703, AMI/B8ZS/ HDB3 and 10/100BASE-TX; while the optical connection will run at 155 Mbps. TDM t raffic is not mapped to Ethernet. A hardware-based solution guarantees the constant bit rate of TDM transport without requiring traffic management. The product provides physical layer status monitoring, alarm classification and data classification func tions for Telecom providers to manage their fiber ptic network and reduce operation and maintenance costs. Target applications of the device include: FTTx, such as fiber-to-the-business, fiber-to-the-building, fiber to-the-MDU and fiber-to-the-home


  • Loopback via test set
  • Auto-negotiation for 10/100BASE-TX
  • AutoCross(TM) (auto MDI/MDI-X)
  • Transparent link pass through for ethernet
  • Automatic link restoration
  • Pause (flow control)
  • Remote management, local and remote loopback, remote fiber loss signaling, AIS/TAOS
  • LEDs for each data port
  • Settings for line code, line length, local loopback or remote loopback
  • T1/E1/J1 mode settings
  • Local (AUX) management interface
  • Access to complete status information on local and remote device
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • Extended operating temperature
  • Low cost transport capability: (4) T1/E1/J1; (1) ethernet
  • Target applications include- FTTx, such as Fiber-to-theBusiness, Fiber-to-the-Building, Fiber-to-the-MDU and Fiber-to-the-Home

Specification Description

Item: 4x T1/E1/J1 + 10/100 Ethernet Transport Mux
Switches: Numerous Switch Settings For Line Coding, Line Build Out, Loopback (Per Port), AIS Setting
Ethernet Port Settings: Auto-Negotiation, Force Speed/Duplex And Enable Transparent Link Pass Through
Power: External AC/DC Provided: 12 Volt DC, 1.25 Amp, Unregulated, Standard, UL Listed
Power Consumption: 4.4 Watt
Environmental Conditions: -40 to 70 deg C (Not Including Power Supply) Operating Temperature; -40 to 85 deg C Storage Temperature; 5 - 5% Operating Humidity Non-Condensing; 0 - 10000 ft Altitude
Link Budget: 16 dB
Port One: 1310 nm Single-mode (SC) [20 km/12.4 mi]
Port Two: (4) RJ48 [1.5 km/0.9 mi] Plus 10/100BASE-TX (RJ45) [100 m]
Dimension: 3.700 Inch Width x 4.700 Inch Depth x 1.0 Inch Height

Tech Info

Ethernet Interface- IEEE 802.3(TM)-2008, TDM interfaces- ANSI T1.102, T1.403 and T1.408 ITU I.431, G.703,G.736, G.775 and G.823 ETSI 300-166, 300-233 and TBR 12/13 ATAndT Pub 62411, EN55022 Class A, EN55024, CE mark


Port 1 Device Technology SINGLE-MODE

Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet