Stand-Off Sector Frame, 10 ft face, includes 2 pipes

MFR PART #  SF-SU10-2-72
PART #  470483
Minimum 1 EACH
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Andrew Solutions Tower Stand-off Sector Frames are a lightweight, versatile mounting solution for mounting antennas to round or angled tower legs.; Andrew Solutions Tower Stand-off Sector Frames are available in multiple face widths. Each frame consists of two 3/16 in x 3 in x 3 in face angles that stand-off the tower leg 52 in by dual gates. Each tower stand-off sector frame comes with a newly redesigned universal saddle mount which can be mounted to round legs up to 8 in OD, 60 angle legs up to 6 in, or 90 angle legs up to 8 in. Also included are taper plates that provide taper adjustment from 1:12 to 1:20 in 1 in increments, and a 2-3/8 in x 126 in universal stiff arm to stabilize the frame in heavy wind or icy conditions. Tower stand-off sector frames are available as a base kit or with antenna mounting pipes included.


  • All-dielectric construction eliminates the need for bonding and grounding
  • Black, UV stabilized jacket is resistant to chemical, moisture, abrasion and sunlight and does not require additional protection in most installations
  • Utilizes ARID-CORE water blocking technology which makes the cable suitable for the outside plant environment, with gel-free cable access
  • Meets requirements for tight buffered constructions and suitable of installation in true OSP environmental conditions
  • Single-unit

Specification Description

Tower Stand-Off Sector Frame
EPA Without Ice: 1.6 Sq m (16.8 Sq ft)
Wind Rating: 120 mph (BWS) At 150 ft AGL, 140 mph (3 Second Gust) At 150 ft AGL Using Exposure D Per FBC
Length: 1320.8 mm (52 Inch)
Stand-Off Distance: 1320.8 mm (52 Inch)
Pipe Length: 1828.8 mm (72 Inch)
Height: 1828.8 mm (72.0 Inch)
Pipe Quantity: 2
EPA With 1/2 Inch (12 mm) Radial Ice: 2 Sq m (21.9 Sq ft)
Mounting Diameter (Maximum): 203.2 mm (8 Inch)
Man Rating: 250 lb Vertical Man Load at 15 mph (BWS)
Face Width: 3.2 m (10.5 ft)
Width: 3200.4 mm (126 Inch)
Pipe Outer Diameter: 60.3 mm (2-3/8 Inch)
Mounting: Angle 60 Degree, 203.2 mm (8 Inch), Angle 90 Degree, 152.4 mm (6 Inch), Straight or Tapered Legs Upto 203.2 mm (8 Inch) OD
Includes: Clamps, Pipe Mounts, Saddle Mounts, Stiff Arm
Material Type: Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
Tower Taper: Non-Tapered, Tapered

Tech Info

ISO 9001:2008: Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system


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Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet