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Pelco by Schneider Official Distributor 174x84

Pelco is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security systems, including high-definition and IP fixed, dome and integrated positioning camera systems; next-generation video management and software-only solutions; video matrix systems; full HD displays and more.


Like other building automation systems, physical security is migrating from an analog, centralized landscape to one that is network-based and IP-focused. That means existing network infrastructures can be leveraged to deliver video security solutions in new and exciting ways that drive business and increase efficiency.


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Pelco Videos

IP Driven. Customer Focused.

The Best IP Camera for the Most Challenging Lighting Conditions

As the global leaders in video security, Pelco brings an unmatched combination of engineering and manufacturing expertise to the design and development of new solutions. Boasting some of the most respected thought leaders and visionaries in the industry, Pelco continues to influence and shape its course by delivering a wide array of technologies, including IP cameras and network-based video management systems, software-only solutions, end-to-end HD systems and, of course, a continued commitment to those analog solutions that have powered our industry for decades.

To provide greater insight on the latest technology trends and issues affecting our industry, Pelco is committed to producing White Papers on a wide variety of subjects. We invite you to check back regularly to download the latest.

LCD Technology Video Security 

LED Technology In the Video Security Market

Today, there is growing interest in an emerging technology for monitors: Light Emitting Diode (LED). As LED displays are an increasingly popular choice in consumer electronic applications, video security professionals are asking questions about the new technology. This White Paper explores LED display technology and its potential application in video security.

  • LED Technology In the Video Security Market Whitepaper (PDF file, 232 KB)
Video Surveillance Storage Systems

Reducing Costs While Enhancing Reliability of Video Surveillance Storage Systems

A properly designed storage system built for the unique requirements of IP video surveillance can offer a more robust, scalable and cost-effective solution, while helping customers fully realize the benefits of higher resolution and real-time video produced by today’s advanced IP cameras. This White Paper explores the unique requirements that surveillance video places on the recording sub-system as well as the elements that make up the total cost of ownership of the system.

  • Reducing Costs While Enhancing Reliability of Video Surveillance Storage Systems (PDF file, 425 KB)
Hybrid Video Recorders HVRS 

Technology Guide to Pelco Hybrid Video Recorders (HVRs) 

Pelco’s DX8100 and Digital Sentry Digital Video Recorder product lines provide customers with a complete solution for live viewing, recording, playback and storage of digital video. This guide presents topics that Information Technology (IT) and physical security professionals will need to know when working with Pelco HVRs. Topics included in this paper include IP video compression, DVR and HVR deployment topologies, working with HVR Remote Clients, IP Cameras, and IT security and video storage considerations.

  • Technology Guide to Pelco Hybrid Video Recorders (HVRs) (PDF file, 215 KB) 
Pelco EnduraStor and Authentication 

EnduraStor and Authentication 

An important feature of the Endura network-based video security system is the EnduraStor™ storage management application. EnduraStor offers the ability to reduce the frame rate of previously recorded video in an Endura system, after a user-defined period of time. In the Endura system, Pelco has incorporated technology to ensure the authenticity and integrity of digital video streams, from the initial capture to the final output onto media for use in court. This paper explains how Endura authentication works in conjunction with EnduraStor.

  • EnduraStor and Authentication White Paper (PDF file, 237 KB) 
Optimizing Image Quality Day and Night 

Optimizing Image Quality Both Day and Night 

Today, many security cameras market themselves as “low light/wide dynamic range” (LL/WDR) cameras, however they often fail to offer clear and decipherable images under certain lighting conditions. Often times, conditions at night call for both LL/WDR to help maintain the image – however current cameras on the market are either low light or wide dynamic range cameras. With SureVision in Pelco cameras, both LL/WDR are available and automatically sense when certain conditions call for critical lighting adjustments to offer the best quality image possible.

  • Optimizing Image Quality Both Day and Night Whitepaper (PDF file, 1.47 MB)
Optimize Image Quality for Wide Dynamic Range 

Optimizing Image Quality in Difficult Wide Dynamic Range Scenes

Traditionally, security cameras have struggled to produce images that look the way the human eye perceives scenes, especially in those where there is a wide variation of light. The biggest problem is when an image is unable to produce a correct ratio of light and dark, causing for only a portion of the image to be viewed. This ratio is referred to as the image’s “wide dynamic range” (or WDR). A Sarix with SureVision camera is able to correct this WDR issue by utilizing a proprietary and custom reprogrammable image processing system to generate natural looking images that preserve more detail and dynamic range than any other camera on the market. Patent pending techniques and algorithms are the basis for this unique image creation, providing more usable video in more scenes than any other camera.

  • Optimizing Image Quality in Difficult Wide Dynamic Range Scenes Whitepaper (PDF file, 1.23 MB) 
Optimize Low-Light Image Quality 

Optimizing Image Quality in Low-light Conditions

The ability to see detail and color in the dark is one of the most important aspects of a security camera. Often times lighting conditions are poor and disrupt detail, color and clarity which compromise the image entirely. Low-light performance for a video security camera refers to the ability to resolve objects at extremely low light levels. Sarix with SureVision cameras have been engineered to provide excellent low-light performance by optimizing maximum exposure times, heightened sensor lenses, and applied image processing which all act to put forth the cleanest and clearest image possible by compensating for any type of lighting condition imaginable.

  • Optimizing Image Quality in Low-light Conditions Whitepaper (PDF file, 1.22 MB)
Impacts and Mitigation Strategies 

Impacts and Mitigation Strategies of Sun Exposure on Uncooled Microbolometer Image Sensors 

This paper quantifies the effects of sun exposure on certain thermal cameras used in video security applications. Since the sun can enter into the field of view for these applications, it is important to understand and to mitigate the effects of solar exposure in the camera design process. This is important reading for any of you who are specifying and selling thermal imaging systems.

  • Impacts and Mitigation Strategies of Sun Exposure on Uncooled Microbolometer Image Sensors Whitepaper (PDF file 500 KB)

Video Security: Achieving IP VMS Scalability through Aggregation

Some IP VMS solutions rely on system federation to connect multiple systems. However, a different approach – aggregation – offers improved ease of administration and better overall system performance.

  • Video Security: Achieving IP VMS Scalability through Aggregation Whitepaper (PDF file, 300 KB)

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