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Cooperative Purchasing provides an acquisition vehicle for State and Local agencies who desire to utilize Anixter's GSA contract


Featured Manufacturers

Alarm Clock, Altronix, Compu-Link, Corning-C, Kaba Access, Kaba Mas, Key Systems, Middle Atlantic, Sargent & Greenleaf, Talk-a-Phone

GSA and eAnixter

eAnixter's allows you to view the GSA online catalog, containing over 6,000 items of the fastest moving products.

What eAnixter does for you?

eAnixter allows you to easily conduct business with us electronically. eAnixter enables you to access timely information to minimize time and effort spent on key aspects of the procurement cycle. eAnixter's Features include:

Order Tracking

  • Confirm order shipments quickly
  • Link to carrier web sites for tracking information and proof of delivery
  • Check your order status... anytime, anywhere

Order Entry

  • Purchase orders from an established contract ... anytime, anywhere
  • Purchase specified cable reel lengths
  • Create a Bill of Materials list
  • Request a Quote or assistance

View Reports

  • Open Invoices
  • Open Line Items

eAnixter Login

Request your Login ID by filling out our enrollment form. You will receive an email notification with your Login ID and password from Anixter Federal Sales.

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Lola A. Randall
Contracts Program Manager
Phone: (703) 318-2347

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