55 Water Street in New York's Financial District Gets Cell Service

55 Water Street in New York's Financial District Gets Cell Service



New Water Street Corporation, the management company for 55 Water Street, a commercial high rise in New York City’s Financial District


Retrofitting the commercial high rise with cellular service


  • Site kitting 
  • Supply chain 
  • Appointed a project manager to oversee everything at the warehouse, ensure parts with long lead times were ordered in advance, etc.


  • Streamlined deployment and completed project ahead of schedule 
  • Provided a dedicated support and maintenance team 
  • Reduced material management costs 
  • Decreased labor expenses

As members of the Information Age, we’re accustomed to constant connection to the digital world. The details of both our business and personal lives reside in our smartphones, making it difficult to be without a connection for any length of time. So imagine how frustrating it would be to go without service for the entire workday. This was the daily struggle for those working at 55 Water Street in New York City’s Financial District.

After the initial funding fell through on the project that would install cell service in the building, the building’s management didn’t know where to turn. Having already promised the 13 high-profile tenants of the commercial high rise they would soon have service, they were under immense pressure to follow through. That’s when the electrical contractor recommended bringing in Anixter to get the job done as quickly, affordably and effortlessly as possible.

Proving Value Through Exceptional Service

Anixter hit the ground running. When retrofitting an occupied building, rapidity is paramount to minimize disruption to the tenants. Anixter worked quickly to assemble a team that understood the different demands of the project and had the right technology to make it happen. Not only was the team able to explain the process to the customer, but they were able to show them a comparable system in a similar facility to get an idea of the different technology they would be implementing. This gave the customer confidence that the process would work, would be completed on time and on budget, and—most importantly—would make their tenants happy.

Streamlining the Supply Chain

Anixter provided all necessary supply chain services and brought on Bandwidth Logic as the prime contractor to streamline deployment. Bandwidth Logic appointed a project manager to oversee operations at the warehouse and ensure parts with long lead times were ordered far enough in advance as to not delay the project. Bandwidth Logic was chosen based on its great reputation with similar projects, including 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the New York Subway System and the headquarters of Goldman Sachs.

Anixter also provided all of the resources for the project to be completed as seamlessly as possible. This included all the hardware, kitting at the warehouse and supplying Bandwidth Logic with a list of qualified wireless integrators, of which they hired Intenna Systems. Intenna Systems performed all design and commissioning activities as well as supported construction management of the DAS throughout the deployment process.

Delivering a Long-Term Solution

Thanks to the individual expertise and combined commitment from Anixter, Bandwidth Logic, Intenna Systems and the electrical contractor, the project was completed months ahead of the projected date, giving the tenants of 55 Water Street cellular service throughout the building as promised. Additionally, the customer has Anixter’s local New York team at their disposal for routine maintenance and support, saving them the time and expense of transporting a maintenance team from somewhere else.