Anixter Helps Italian Heating Systems Integrator Provide Access Control Solutions to Customers

Anixter Helps Italian Heating Systems Integrator Provide Access Control Solutions to Customers



CalorMatica, an Italian integrator specializing in refurbishing building heating, plumbing and sanitation systems.


One of CalorMatica’s customers requested an access control solution for the thermal power stations, but CalorMatica did not offer security services.


Anixter introduced a SimonsVoss access control solution and worked with SimonsVoss to provide product and installation training to CalorMatica.


  • CalorMatica has expanded their service offerings to include access control solutions, which will continue to grow their business and revenue opportunities.
  • APES' needs were fulfilled by a single integrator, simplifying scheduling, communication and other processes.

Expanding the Integrator’s Offerings

Azienda Pisana Edilizia Sociale (APES) is a company for the recovery, maintenance and administrative management of public housing real estate assets for Pisa, Italy, and 36 other nearby municipalities.

Due to insufficient investment in the construction of new social housing in Italy, there is increased pressure to upgrade and improve existing public housing. To bring the buildings up to current standards, APES has been working with CalorMatica, an integrator that specializes in refurbishing building heating, plumbing and sanitation systems.

In addition to the services CalorMatica was providing, APES requested a solution to control access to the thermal power stations for each group of buildings. Their current access control consisted of standard locks and keys, which were difficult to manage and could be expensive because the entire system would need to be replaced if a key went missing.

Finding The Right Solution

Since access control is beyond the scope of CalorMatica’s offerings, they reached out to Anixter for help. To help CalorMatica keep the business, Anixter helped them broaden their service offering to provide access control solutions.

After hearing the details of the request, Anixter recommended the System 3060 solution from SimonsVoss, a wireless-ready access control solution that met all of APES’ needs:

  • Elimination of traditional keys
  • Wireless access management
  • Scalable for multiple buildings
  • Compatible with different door types and sizes (only Euro profile cylinder is needed)
  • Ability to track who has accessed the area
  • Budget-friendly and minimal maintenance

Upon successful completion of the pilot, CalorMatica began installing the solution at APES’ other public housing projects.

SimonsVoss provided exceptional support by working with CalorMatica and APES to learn their specific needs, visiting the job site and supplying samples to test the final solution. In additional to helping with sourcing and product recommendation, Anixter supported all phases of the project deployment.

Helping Anixter’s Customer Grow Their Business

Thanks to Anixter, CalorMatica has expanded their service offering and opened up a new revenue-generating business opportunity. They recently underwent training with SimonsVoss to become specialized in installing wireless-ready access control solutions, and are now proposing access control solutions on many of their other projects.