UZ Leuven Uses Anixter's Expertise to Create Leading High-Tech Hospital in Belgium

With the help of Anixter's expertise, one Belgium hospital became a high-tech leader.


  • Leuven - UZ Leuven
  • University Hospitals


  • Upgrade hospital’s infrastructure to keep pace with patient and technology demands



  • A dedicated inside and outside sales team that provide accountability, responsiveness, speed and flexibility
  • A global footprint with access to overseas suppliers

Meeting the Future of Patient Care

As a leading hospital in Belgium, UZ Leuven’s role is to provide a combination of specialized patient care, training for care providers and translational research. With 56,658 hospitalizations and 100,005 day hospitalizations in 2014, the hospital has diversified and specialized patient care that it looks to constantly improve. UZ Leuven’s future plans include consolidating and further developing its position as a leading university medical center as it works for better, safer patient care. This includes using the latest medical and patient technologies to boost care, responsiveness and efficiency while keeping up with rapidly changing industry standards, such as electronic health records and clinical and information technology convergence. However, above all, patient safety is a top priority, and with rapid changes in medical technologies, UZ Leuven needed a flexible solution and upgraded infrastructure to support current and future applications. To provide a flexible but secure and compliant infrastructure that met its patient application needs, the hospital’s upgrade project list included:

  •  Transition to a Category 6A cable from its existing Category 5e cable
  •  Install data connectivity sufficient enough to cover the entire campus
  •  Implement patching solutions that include move, add and change management
  •  Increase infrastructure flexibility to meet day-to-day adjustments 
  •  Transition to a modular patch panels from its current 110 block solution 
  •  Move from wall-mount connectivity to rack solutions 
  •  A structured approach on PoE

Working with a Partner that Understands Hospital Requirements

After placing a request on the market for new concepts, UZ Leuven selected Anixter based on its technical support, knowledge of products and EMC compliance, warranty procedures, training opportunities and dedication to continued follow up. Familiar with each other from previous projects, UZ Leuven and Anixter worked to create an infrastructure specification, a deployment plan that minimized installation time and strategies to make sure there is consistency among installers throughout the project and beyond. 

The Infrastructure Challenge

There were several challenges in meeting the hospital’s infrastructure requirements:

  • Maintaining consistency in the rack layout
  • Adjusting for the diameter of the Category 6A cable
  • Preserving overall cable flexibility as well as filling the tray and ducts 

The overall upgrade required the following:

  • 40,000 outlets and 11,000 feet of Category 6A cable
  • Modular panels
  • Open-frame racks
  • Vertical cable management
  • Cross connects
  • OS2 fiber and LC connectivity

Deploying the Infrastructure

Prior to product selection, Anixter and its Technology Alliance Partner conducted several on-site technical meetings with UZ Leuven and also invited the hospital’s stakeholders to Anixter’s Infrastructure Solutions Lab in Chicago. This allowed the hospital to see the technology work firsthand and make adjustments to the products and specifications before they were deployed, saving costs and time in case an adjustment or replacement needed to be made on site. After the specification, Anixter held the inventory and standard cabinets throughout the duration of the project. Every six to eight weeks, Anixter, its Technology Alliance Partner and the hospital met to discuss any potential changes happening to the project. As the project unfolded, Anixter delivered the material as required, eliminating the need to hold products on site and deferring invoicing until shipment. 

Benefits of a True Partner

Anixter helped UZ Leuven save time and costs through standardization of the processes, especially in the technical support. Even after the cable had started to be installed, Anixter continued to be a technical partner for the hospital, holding technical sessions about evolving standards and new technologies. By maintaining consistency in technical specifications and deployment among the various installers, Anixter helped to make sure that the entire campus upgrade received the same attention to quality and consistency to meet the hospital’s application needs. In choosing Anixter, the customer received several benefits:

  • A dedicated inside and outside sales team that provide accountability, responsiveness, speed and flexibility
  • Quarterly business reviews 
  • Multiple suppliers and an extensive product portfolio 
  • Experience in the healthcare market 
  • Services expertise, specifically ways to increase efficiency at the project stage
  • A global footprint with access to overseas suppliers 
  • Project management meetings every six to eight weeks
  • Rack configuration and preassembly
  • Warranty negotiation
  • Product training and technical updates