Automotive OEM Realizes Substantial Savings by Leveraging Wesco’s Trusted Supplier Relationship

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Original equipment manufacturer for a large automotive customer



Design, build, program, and commission a large machine for an automotive product line in about a year’s time.


A large machine that used Siemens industry-standard, safety PLCs, drives, switches and control products



By deploying Siemens’ solutions and previously-developed software code, we cut engineering programming time to enable upgrades to the automotive machine, while still cutting its overall cost by $50,000.




When quoting a large automotive product line using a specific programmable logic controller (PLC) and drive technology, an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) manufacturer saw an opportunity to tap into their previous experience using Siemens’ technology and software, and also save money by working with Wesco.



Wesco partnered with Siemens to provide Siemen’s safety PLCs, safe IO EP 200 SP S120 and G120 drives, copper panel pros, switches and control panels for the large automotive machine. By using the Siemens solutions, the OEM and its customer could save time and money by reusing the software code that had previously been developed. The Wesco team designed, built and programmed the machine, and shipped it to Mexico where they commissioned it—all in about a year.



Due to our trusted relationship with Siemens, Wesco met the customer’s specifications with a solution that competitors could not offer. Wesco shaped a high-performance solution that leveraged pre-existing software code to save enough programming time that the OEM’s customer could upgrade the PLCs to safety versions, deploy unsized human-to-machine interfaces (HMIs) and still cut the overall cost of the machine by $50,000. Wesco’s collaboration with Siemens demonstrates the value we can provide for any of the OEM’s future design projects.


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