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A tire manufacturing plant in North America.



Aging breakers in need of remanufacture, installation and testing. Another challenge was the issue of gray market parts and lengthy procurement timelines from providers.


Wesco met the customer’s manufacturing deadlines and, just as importantly, eliminated the possibility of gray market parts by working directly with one of our leading manufacturer partners, Eaton. Wesco provided the ability to remanufacture, test, install and run the startup in only three months.




A tire manufacturing plant with aging medium-voltage breakers needed a trusted partner to begin the process to remanufacture, test and install multiple replacement Eaton breakers. The customer began with an open RFP and quickly realized that one of the considering providers would take six to eight months, putting the customer’s timeline at risk. More concerning was this supplier was not using genuine Eaton parts. Gray market parts are not uncommon but can cause customer’s a loss of revenue from premature equipment failure and downtime. Additionally, purchasing counterfeit and altered products increases the likelihood of personal and property damage.



Having one of the foremost supplier partner networks in the industry allowed Wesco to work directly with Eaton — one of our leading manufacturing partners — to remanufacture the needed breakers and parts. It also allowed Wesco to provide the customer with Eaton’s engineering services to perform the work, testing, installation and startup.



By working with Wesco and Eaton, the process to remanufacture, test, install and run the startup were all streamlined and consolidated, resulting in a reduction in the number of vendors used by the customer on this project. Avoiding the possibility of purchasing gray market products and parts reduced the risks of personal and property damage, downtime and lost revenue. Wesco and Eaton helped the customer meet their manufacturing deadlines by completing the project in three months, less than half the time estimated by another distributor.


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