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Kapton - DuPont trademark for polyimide.

kB (kilobyte) - 1,024 bytes. Usually describes bits or bytes, as in transmission speeds measured in kBsec or kilobits per second.

KBps - Kilobits per second.

Kcmil - One thousand circular mils, replaced “MCM” in the 1990 NEC. Sometimes shortened to “kcm.”

Kevlar - A high-strength DuPont polymer used as a cable messenger or strength member.

Keying - The mechanical feature of a connector system that guarantees correct orientation of a connection or prevents the connection to a jack or to an optical fiber adapter of the same type intended for another purpose.

K-fiber - A polyaramid-based material used for jacketing high-temperature cables.

Khz - Kilohertz (1,000 hertz).

Kilo - Prefix meaning thousand.

KPSI - A unit of tensile strength expressed in thousands of pounds per square inch.

KS - Connecting a CATV trunks hard line.

kV (kilovolt) - 1,000 volts.

kVA - Kilovolt ampere.

kW (kilowatt) - 1,000 watts.

Kynar - Arkema Inc. trademark for polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).