Wire and Cable Jacketing Materials Comparison

Many specifiers of technical products look for more detailed information on the products they select for their most critical applications. In an effort to help provide data to make more informed decisions, Anixter has amassed common values of important material characteristics and summarized them in the following table. These values are approximate and nominal and are only intended to be representative. Values vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and among product grades. These values are predominantly drawn from industrial tray cable products.

Material Characteristics CSPE

Physical Properties
Tensile Strength (Psi) 2075 2050 1900 1920
Elongation (%) 375 360 285 350
Aging Characteristics (Air Oven, 121° C,168 Hours)
Tensile Strength (% of Original) 97 103 105 98
Elongation (% of Original) 75 79 85 70
Flame Resistance
20 Min. at 70,000 BTU/Hour



Cable Tray Fire Test
Oil Resistance (ASTM #2 Oil)    
Test Temperature (°C) 121 121 100 70
Time of Immersion (Hours) 18 18 18 4
Tensile Strength
(% of Original)
90 92 91 87
(% of Original)
91 94 93 82
Low Temperature Properties        
Cold Bend Test Temperature Passed (ºC) -40 -40 -40 -25
Ozone Resistance Outstanding Excellent Excellent Good
Heat Distortion        
% at 121ºC 7-9 7-10 7-9 20-40
Limiting Oxygen Index        
Percent Oxygen Required to Sustain Combustion
(Atmospheric Air is ~21% Oxygen)
30 31 31 28
Acid Gas Content (%) 10 14 14 29% 
(12% for low-acid gas PVC)
Halogen Content (%) 14 14 14 29

* Hypalon® is no longer available from DuPont.

NOTE: All values typical nominal values.

Anixter Inc. does not manufacture the items described in this publication. All applicable warranties are provided by the manufacturers. Purchasers are requested to determine directly from the manufacturers the applicable product warranties and limitations. Data and suggestions made in the publication are not to be construed as recommendations or authorizations to use any products in violation of any government law or regulation relating to any material or its use.


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