Anixter's Knowledge Drop daylight harvesting video - learn about thye benefits of intelligent LED lighting

Andrew Jimenez, Vice President of Technology at Anixter, shows us how intelligent LED lighting can significantly reduce energy consumption in this brief video demonstration.

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Daylight Harvesting Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Andy Jimenez, Vice President of Technology at Anixter. I want to talk to you about LED lighting. LED lighting has been getting a lot of press lately. One of the advantages of LED lighting over traditional fluorescent-based lighting is that it’s a lot more energy efficient. Another advantage of LED lighting is that it’s dimmable. If you look at traditional fluorescent fixtures, they are very difficult to dim. There are ballasts that do dim, but they’re not as efficient in terms of their dimming properties as LED lighting.

One of the innovations that we are seeing right now is controlled LED lighting, which means LED lighting operating over the IP network. I’m going to show you an example of controlled lighting using LED lighting fixtures. In our demonstration room, here in Glenview, IL, we’ve got four LED fixtures that are operating around 60 watts. This is around 70 percent of the maximum. What I’m going to do through this Web-based interface is show you the ability to control lighting using something called daylight harvesting. Daylight harvesting is a mechanism within the controlled lighting environment that allows you to adjust the lighting conditions based on the ambient light within the room. As more light enters the room, you can automatically dim the light based on the amount of light you want for your specific application. So whether it’s a conference room or a data center, you can set the lighting policy anyway you want with this simple Web interface.

What I’m going to do, for this simple example, is to shine this light source directly onto the LED lighting fixtures, within the demonstration room. As I introduce more lighting within the room, you’ll see a reduction in power because the light fixtures adjust based on the light level in the room.

So when I turn on my light source and the light level increases in the room, you can see on the real-time curve: a huge reduction in the amount of power that the light fixtures are consuming. You see power consumption drop from 60 watts to roughly 14 to 15 watts. As an end-user, this means you’ll be able to reap significant power efficiency benefits through your lighting system by simply using controlled lighting with LED fixtures.

I hope you enjoyed the demo, and have a great day.