Knowledge Drop for IP Sound and Paging Systems

Larry Heisler, Director of Marketing for Global Building Technology Solutions at Anixter, talks about Internet Protocol, or IP, based sound and paging systems.

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Sound and Paging Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Larry Heisler. Over the years, our customers have turned to us as Internet Protocol or IP has taken over more and more systems.

It started, of course, on the data network, but soon expanded to the voice network with Voice over IP and now the video surveillance and access control systems are increasingly becoming IP based. Now we are seeing one more system beginning to make the move to IP. That system is sound and paging.

Public safety concerns is one of the main driving forces requiring added functionality in these systems. Regulations like the National Fire Protection Associations NFPA 72 are even requiring more robust communications in the event of an emergency.

The bottom line is that it is time to start considering an IP-based sound and paging system and to consider what added capabilities it can provide for your environment.

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