ONVIF Profile A and T Update

Alissa Boleky, director of solutions marketing and business development at Anixter, shares an overview of ONVIF Profile A and the release candidate for ONVIF Profile T.

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Transcript: ONVIF Profile A and Profile T Release Candidate Update

Hi, I’m Alissa Boleky. The ONVIF global standards committees are working to promote open interfaces for IP-based physical security products. The goal is interoperability of security systems and devices, regardless of manufacturer. Here’s an update on ONVIF Profile A and the release candidate for Profile T, both published in July 2017.

ONVIF Profile A addresses the credential side of access control and provides a solution for broader access control configuration, including granting or revoking credentials, creating schedules and changing privileges. It also enables the integration of access control systems with IP video management systems.

Profile A gives end users the ability to extract data from devices and bring access control systems into the Smart Building IoT landscape. The data from an access control system can not only be used to create safer, more comfortable environments for visitors and workers, but can also improve energy usage in the building systems. ONVIF Profile A creates a uniform method to collect that valuable data.

The ONVIF Profile T release candidate addresses advanced video streaming capabilities, including future-ready support for the international H.265 video compression standard, plus an expanded set of standard features such as motion detection and tampering, metadata streaming and analytics.

Profile T also includes bidirectional audio, allowing security personnel to both listen to and transmit audio to surveillance cameras. This feature is essential for public safety applications such as transportation and parking security, which require two-way communication.

More information, as well as a list of ONVIF-conformant vendors and products, can be found on ONVIF’s website.

Anixter is an active member of the ONVIF Technical Services Committee. To speak with one of our security experts about the ONVIF Profiles and what these open standards could mean for your current or future technology deployments, contact your local Anixter representative.


TECHbrief: Your Cheat Sheet to ONVIF Profiles A and T