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Photovoltaic (PV) solar assembly services by Anixter significantly reduce time and labor costs associated with installing PV cables. 


Cable Preparation Services for Circuit Installation

READY! Grip for Low-Voltage Applications by Anixter
READY! Grip for Medium-Voltage Applications by Anixter
READY! Layer by Anixter
READY! Phase by Anixter

READY!SM Grip for low-voltage applications eliminates on-site termination by having low-voltage pulling eyes installed by Wesco.

READY!SM Grip for medium-voltage applications eliminates on-site termination by having medium-voltage pulling eyes installed by Wesco.

READY!SM Layer reduces the amount of reels required at the job site by layering multiple circuit lengths on the same reel.

READY!SM Phase makes circuit identification easier at the job site.


Cable Bundling Services for Simultaneous Pulls

PARASPIN by Anixter
Enhanced PARASPIN by Anixter image
4+1 Enhanced PARASPIN by Anixter image
PARAPULL by Anixter

PARASPINSM allows different diameters of cable to be pulled simultaneously by using independent spinning chambers.

Enhanced PARASPINSM solution works by having a multichamber reel with independently spinning chambers mounted on a stand, which comes with casters that can be cotter pinned into place for use on smooth surfaces.

4+1 Enhanced PARASPINSM reels have four fixed chambers and one independently rotating chamber that allows the simultaneous pulling of the load conductors and a reduced diameter ground wire.

PARAPULLSM eliminates waste and makes setup and pulls easy by using multiple chambers to load cable legs.

SLIM-SPIN by Anixter image
INSTA-REEL by Anixter image
PARAPLEX by Anixter
SPEEDPULL by Anixter

SLIM-SPIN reel is designed to simultaneously pull multiple cables for indoor applications. At only 32 inches wide, the SLIM-SPIN easily fits through standard 36-inch doorways.

INSTA-REEL consists of a standard wooden reel that has oversized flanges attached to both sides and becomes a payout stand when chocked in place.

PARAPLEXSM reduces the amount of reels at the job site by bundling of two or more cables paralleled on the same reel.

SPEEDPULLSM bundles multiple, numbered circuit conductors, so they can be accessed in a single pull.


Carts and Baskets

Anixter Cable Tray Cart image

Wesco’s cable tray carts reduce the labor and installation time to install cable tray in large installations.

Low voltage cable cart image

Wesco’s low voltage cable cart is ideal for installing cables such as Category 5 and 6, security cables, door lock cables and other low voltage communications cables.

Anixter’s job carts image

Wesco’s job carts are custom tailored to efficiently store products during the rough-in stages of electrical construction.

Anixter Lighting cart image

The Wesco lighting cart is designed specifically to keep valuable light fixtures secure when stored and/or moved around the jobsite. 













READY! Layer


Reducing Cost in Cabling Installation






Amteck Meets Tight Cable Installation Deadline With Anixter’s Enhanced PARASPIN


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