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As an energy professional you face constant reliability, regulation, security, safety and storm and event response challenges. Our industry-leading portfolio of services help you meet these challenges and realize labor and supply chain stability and efficiency. Our collaborative and customizable approach coupled with an extensive history of successful implementation and execution can help you exceed the expectations of your customers and stakeholders.

Markets Served

As a leading electric utility distributor in the United States and Canada, we serve:

  • Electric Utilities – including investor-owned utilities, co-ops, municipalities, government, generation and transmission (G&T) entities
  • Utility Contractors – we offer reliable and efficient third-party material management to utility contractors to help you streamline operations and maximize efficiency

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Meter Testing Services

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Utility Services Overview


Our Products Build Your Solutions

Access the broadest utility portfolio in the industry - more than 300,000 products.

  • Fuses, cutouts and safety devices
  • HMI, power line controllers
  • Insulators and arrestors
  • Intrusion detection
  • Lamps, lighting fixtures and controls
  • Mass notification
  • Mechanical door hardware
  • Metering components, sockets and switches
  • Molded rubber products and connectors
  • MRO products
  • Pads, pedestals and enclosures

Technology Alliance Partners

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Supply Chain Solutions for Utilities

Reducing costs, saving time, improving productivity and mitigating risks are our goals for every customer and project. With our customizable Supply Chain Solutions, you can eliminate costs, address sustainability requirements, enhance focus on your core competencies and stay competitive in the marketplace.

  • Materials management and disposition
  • Critical spares management
  • Custom warehouse services
  • Material packaging QA/QC
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Utility Expertise

Anixter understands the various power, safety and security challenges you face. From system interoperability and standards to the integration of perimeter security, access control and video surveillance, our technical solutions managers provide an unbiased-manufacturer approach.

  • Advanced metering infrastructure
  • Meter data management
  • Prepayment and customer portal
  • Cybersecurity
  • Inspections and tests on products
  • Tool applications and training
  • Product safety training services
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Powerups Articles
  • Automation Innovation on the Line

    Since the dawn of electricity, utilities have had to rely on customers to be their eyes and ears out in the field. Enter the Smart Grid, and these types of frustrations have begun to shrink significantly—to the relief of both the utility and its customers.

  • Beat the Clock: Storm Prep When There's Little Warning

    Spring storms can strike with very little advance notice. In fact, the lead time for tornado warnings is an average of only 13 minutes.So how should utilities prepare for a storm that they may not know is heading their way?

  • Staying On Top of New Tech

    With the advent of the smart grid, utilities operations seem to be running faster than ever. But one question remains: How will the workforce keep up?

  • A Leaner Supply Chain

    The introduction of bar-coding technology is making a big difference in the industry’s supply chain. Once considered an unnecessary step, bar coding of materials has proven itself to be a valuable cost-cutting tool for utilities.

  • Access Control Beyond Compliance

    Advancements in thermodynamics and biometrics are making it possible for utilities to meet—and even exceed—security-related compliance affordably and efficiently.

WESCO | Anixter Grid Reliability and Proactive Maintenance Solution Image

WESCO | Anixter Grid Reliability and Proactive Maintenance Solution
DMI’s digital twin, cloud-based secure platform provides real-time and historical information from sensors and other communication devices to help you make data-driven decisions.

WESCO Anixter Safety Linecard Image

WESCO | Anixter Safety Linecard
As a combined company, WESCO and Anixter offers you a full range of safety products, safety solutions and pandemic response programs. 

Utility Services Solutions Brochure Image

Utility Services Solutions Brochure
Learn about Anixter's solutions and experience in the areas of metering, capacitor bank assembly and AMI meter exchange & deployment.

Full Power Utility Solutions Datasheet image

Full Power Utility Solutions Datasheet
Discover our full-line solutions spanning every facet of the business, from utility administration and infrastructure to pole line hardware and metering.

Fiber to the Home Datasheet image

Fiber to the Home Datasheet
Broadband is no longer optional for communities. It allows smaller, rural communities to connect to the rest of the digital world, enabling modern day technology conveniences through high speed connectivity and FTTH solutions. 

Utility Solutions Line Card image

Utility Solutions Linecard
Anixter offers a wide selection of high voltage electrical products to help utility customers build new infrastructure, retrofit existing equipment and quickly respond to outages.

Complete Supply Chain Solutions for Wire and Cable Needs Brochure image

Complete Supply Chain Solutions for Wire and Cable Needs Brochure
Reducing total cost of ownership and streamlining the supply chain management for wire and cable needs can significantly impact a utility company’s profitability.

Solutions for Powering Remote Oilfields Image

Solutions for Powering Remote Oilfields
Shipping delays, backorders or incorrect deliveries can cause significant cost increases to freight and labor, as well as operational setbacks. Anixter’s vast product offering and Supply Chain Services help contractors reduce costs, save time, improve productivity and mitigate the risks associated with these types of projects.


Utility Emergency Support and Readiness Datasheet
In times of uncertainty, disaster or other emergency, your mission remains the same – to provide power to your customers and members. Our mission is to help you fulfill yours. Whether it is a storm, fire, flood, blizzard or global outbreak, Anixter is here.

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