Storm and Event Response

In times of uncertainty, disaster or other emergency, your mission remains the same – to provide power to your customers and members. Our mission is to help you fulfill yours. Whether it is a storm, fire, flood, blizzard, global outbreaks or financial uncertainty, Anixter is here.

Restoring the power grid after damaging hurricanes and storms is a significant challenge. Inventory availability, long lead times, delivery delays and lack of storage can all impede recovery efforts. Anixter offers complete power solutions and a massive distribution network to help you rebuild quickly, safely and effectively. Working with Anixter means you have access to the largest inventory network in North America.

Storm and Event Recovery Products

Our strength and scope as a full-line distributor allows us to shore up inventory, so materials are ready when you need them, delivered from our local warehouses to your job site. Anixter carries more than 300,000 products for utilities in addition to MRO, wiring, cabling, lighting, electrical and security products. We carry and source equal offerings for the event recovery items you need, including:

  • Safety/MRO
  • Safety ground sets
  • Line restoration tools
  • Oil spill kits
  • Poles

  • Crossarms/braces
  • Pole line hardware
  • Connector/splices
  • Transformers
  • Lamps/lighting

Supply Chain Services

Reducing costs, saving time, improving productivity and mitigating risks are our goals for every customer and project. Utilize our supply chain services to speed deployment and minimize lead time.

Storm Kitting, Pre-assembly and Staging

Our team helps determine optimal scheduling and delivery of materials and equipment. We work with the appropriate engineering and construction resources to provide custom packaging solutions—reducing mismanagement of materials at the jobsite or laydown yard. By kitting, pre-assembling and staging materials, we help save labor and storage costs as well as minimize the risk of theft or damage.

Materials Management and Disposition

Our experienced team reviews designs and specifications, and then determines and procures the materials needed to get the job done. We utilize our depth of resources, supplier relationships, operational expertise, extensive product selection and North American logistics footprint to make certain your materials management solution exceeds expectations.

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