Meter Services

Maximizing efficiency and productivity of your first line utility workforce is critical to achieving and sustaining optimal utility production. To enhance your workforce performance, you must ensure they focus on activities that contribute the greatest value. 

Onsite Meter Testing

Meter Testing Services



Anixter provides a variety of meter services both in the field and at our service centers in Mattoon, Illinois, Benicia, California, Nashville, Tennessee, and Corinth, Texas. Our automation team has a long history of providing the highest quality service to the utility market, including over 70 years of metering solutions and support. 


Services We Provide

Service Centers

  • Test, repair and program 1-phase and 3-phase kilowatt-hour meters
  • Test and certify all watt-hour standards traceable to N.I.S.T.
  • Factory-certified retrofitting of AMI modules
  • Complete inventory of meters and meter components in stock
  • Pre-wire sockets, meter loops and transformer-rated metering packages
  • Pre-wire capacitor banks
  • Custom wiring and assembly to customer specifications
  • Custom engineering CAD drawings


  • On-site field testing of 1-phase and 3-phase kilowatt-hour meters
  • On-site 3-phase service analysis including CT/PT testing
  • Install secondary, primary and substation metering
  • AMI meter deployment exchange services
    • Web-based tracking
    • CIS integrated data exchange
    • GPS location capture
  • Substation AMI equipment installation

SCADA and Communication

  • Turnkey SCADA installation and support
  • Pre-wired custom communication enclosures
  • Backhaul communications design, installation and support
  • Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, mesh, power line, cellular
  • Trained and FCC-licensed personnel for radio installation
  • Fiber optic installation and termination 

Meter Schools and Training

We provide a full range of schools and training programs customized to meet your needs. Attendees receive hands-on training from expert technicians with years of experience in the industry.

  • Metering—introductory
  • Metering—intermediate
  • Metering—advanced
  • Transformers—introductory
  • Transformers—advanced
  • Safety
  • Regulator theory
  • Power quality
  • Capacitor banks
  • Reliability workshops
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Utility Services Solutions Brochure
Learn about Anixter's solutions and experience in the areas of metering, capacitor bank assembly and AMI meter exchange & deployment.

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Automation Services Catalog
This 64 page catalog is filled with product detail to help address utility power and automation services and solutions.