Held to a high standard of safety and auditing measures to minimize the risk of downtime, protecting power utilities presents challenges unique to each operating environment and geography across the globe. Whether migrating to new technologies or designing a whole new security system, being prepared to meet the deadlines and technical requirements of government and industry regulations can be difficult. These regulations, designed to safeguard against terrorism or vandalism, or to help ensure redundancy and system continuity, require expertise and sophisticated systems that provide agility to adapt as requirements change.

We understand how physical security, power and communications technologies and standards can help you meet the need for secure and efficient utility environments, such as generation stations, substations, utility control centers, data centers, and premise office environments.

We can support you with:

  • Sophisticated cyber and physical security systems to protect people and assets
  • Wire and cable used for power and control in substation and generation plants
  • Industrial communication products for utility environments

As active ONVIF, TIA and HetNet members we are dedicated to keeping you current on the latest products, applications, standards and emerging technologies for the utility environment.