Railway Solutions

We understand the complexities involved in the deployment of multisite rail projects. With a hub-and-spoke distribution network that can quickly scale from daily operations to quick-turnaround deployments, we provides the flexibility needed to work hand-in-hand with different manufacturers, installers and technical consultants. 

By bringing experience, a broad range of products and unparalleled supply chain expertise, we provides assistance that improves safety, performance and reliability throughout your project’s deployment. 


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The application is very complex as this is the heart of a rail system. There are various elements to it that when put together allow for a subway, LRT or train to operate.

  • Electrification
  • Overhead Power (OCS)
  • Third Rail System
  • Signal
  • Positive Train Control

A transit system is made up of many components that play a critical role in providing a Holistic system. Either it's substations providing power to electrify the transit line, to station platforms and train depots, there is a full product range that can be offered.

  • Stations
  • Platforms
  • Maintenance depot
  • Substations
  • Command centers

On Car/Rolling Stock
Every transit system has some sort of vehicle that moves passengers from point A to point B. We have what is needed for new Vehicle builds to Maintenance & Repair.

  • Rail vehicles
  • Locomotives/cars
  • Buses

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General Cable

Products by Application


  • Traction Power
  • Messenger Wire
  • Contact Wire
  • Medium-voltage cable
  • Grounding
  • Fire Resistant Cable
  • 2-hour fire rated circuit integrity cables
  • CP100 Signal Cable
  • AREMA Signal Cable
  • Category Cables
  • Fiber Optics


  • Low-voltage cable
  • Medium-voltage cable
  • High-voltage cable
  • UPS
  • Fire resistant cable
  • Security
  • Lighting

On Car / Rolling Stock

  • Brake cable
  • Head in power
  • Data communication
  • Multiconductor power cable
  • Single conductor power cable
  • Diesel locomotive cable
  • 2-hour fire rated circuit integrity
  • HVAC system cables
  • Polyrad

Technical Expertise

With years of experience in transit/railway wire and cable products, communication solutions and security technologies, our sales specialists and technical experts provide customers with world-class technical resources, products and support. As the only distributor with a dedicated electrical engineering staff, we can help you select electrical and electronic, power, signal and communication cables, and security systems that provide system reliability and longevity as well as regulatory compliance.

Our technical and engineering expertise includes:

  • Custom cable design
  • Cable specification development, review or updating
  • Codes and standards interpretation
  • Cable sizing to meet environmental and load conditions
  • Knowledge of cable chemical resistance and rodent resistance characteristics
  • Installation and rigging recommendations
  • Cable pulling calculations and recommendations
  • Routing and layout planning
  • Damage and failure analysis
  • On-site condition assessment, troubleshooting and termination training
  • Custom training


Our Supply Chain Solutions are designed to help you save a time, reduce costs, increase efficiency and mitigate risk. From ordering, receiving, storing and retrieving to unpacking, disposing of waste and locating missing parts, we can help you through:


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Inventory Management
  • Multisite deployment
  • Vendor-managed inventory (VMI)
  • 24-hour emergency services
Product Enhancement and Packaging
  • Cut to length
  • Cable tagging, printing, customer labels
  • Preassambly and kitting
Global Logistics