Utility Grade Infrastructure

Utility Grade INFRASTRUCTURE from Anixter is a holistic building system designed to align with the built environment lifecycle, supporting multiple sub-systems and technology applications.

Estimates say the number of buildings worldwide is going to double by 2060, and combined with connected devices growing to 75 billion in the next 6 years, these spaces are transforming to keep up with our reliance on technology for business and personal use.

Technology has unleashed a smart building revolution to make buildings more productive, flexible, efficient and user friendly.

But these technologies bring added pressure for building operators and integrators to change the way they think about the construction and management of buildings, as well as more emphasis on how to mitigate potential cyber threats.

Success will depend on taking advantage of the latest advancements in convergence, with a high-performance cabling infrastructure that can solve the problem of managing multiple systems.

Utility Grade infrastructure – AVAILABLE JUNE 12

In order to maximize the return on investment and stay ahead of operational challenges, organizations need an infrastructure layer that is better aligned with the building lifecycle.

Designed with an application specific architecture, its foundational elements include a Utility Ready Structured Cabling System, Advanced Power Delivery, and Enhanced Cyber Security Protection.

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