UMT AMI Modules in Stock

Anixter has the largest stock of AMI meter modules to get you through new construction demands and allow you to replace existing modules due to maintenance needs. Anixter will package any amount you need and ship them directly to the factory for installation, cutting your lead time by up to half!

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Y72454-1 ACB image

Y72454-1 ACB
UMT Module
Meter Compatibility: Aclara GE

Y72742-1 FCB image

Y72742-1 FCB
UMT Module
Meter Compatibility: L+G

Y99700-405 2787 image

Y99700-405 2787
Demand Response Unit (DRU)

To place your order or for more information, contact your local Anixter representative
or Andy Staker at 404-223-1823.