Future-Proofing Your Network

Water and wastewater treatment facilities provide life-sustaining services to local communities. If your systems fail, the results can be disastrous.

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Cost is the number one reason that water and wastewater treatment (WWT) facilities do not build future-proof networks. Here are three assumptions we hear a lot and how to overcome them:

OM1 is the least expensive
fiber grade.
Single-mode transceivers are too expensive. WWTP applications don’t require 1 or 10Gb/s.

Actually, a 1Gb/s OM11 fiber has a 275 m shorter reach than OM2, OM3 and OM4. Adding more switches in order to overcome the shorter reach of OM1 makes the overall system cost more than an OM2 system.

OM1 glass is also more susceptible to micro or macro-bends and potential network failure. Consider potential replacement costs due to poor installation or accidents.

1OM1: specification for 62.5-µm core diameter/125-µm cladding diameter Class 1a graded-index multimode optical fibers

In fact, the lower cost of single-mode fiber more than offsets the cost difference between a multi-mode and a single mode transceiver at 1Gb/s.

For future bandwidth requirements, single-mode fiber provides a clear path to 10Gb/s.  An OM1 user would need to re-pull and terminate new fiber in order get to 10Gb/s.

High-resolution CCTV cameras can generate 2-10Mb/s. Ethernet switches slow down at about 80% of the specified data rate, so in a high-motion time period your 100Mb/s network segment could be limited to only 8 cameras.

New applications such as SCADA and data historians are going on line every day. Rockwell recommends that your applications’ Ethernet links are no more than 60% utilized. Do you want 60Mb/s or 600Mb/s for the Rockwell PLCs?

Plan for a reliable, cost-effective network by partnering with Anixter. We specialize in helping you design the right solution to save money and mitigate risk, whether your project is a new greenfield or legacy treatment plant.

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Request a FREE consultation with an industrial network expert today to learn more. image