Broadband and Microwave

With the ever-increasing number of licensed and unlicensed bands available, staying up to date with the latest standards and utilizing the spectrum is essential. We bring an extensive product list including point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, mesh and microwave products. We also sell antennas and ancillary products as well as fiber and copper cabling and antennas for your growing broadband and microwave demands. 

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Our Broadband and Microwave Products

1. Cat 6A cable 

2. Jumpers (coax and fiber)

3. Radios

3a. Microwave

3b. Broadband

Technology Alliance Partners

Anixter's Technology Alliance Partners provide solutions designed to connect the world's most important systems. Our partners help organizations operate more efficiently and securely, while maximizing value. Learn more.

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Broadband and Microwave Resources

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