Reduce labor costs and the risk of injury to your staff by using the INSTA-REEL by Anixter.



The INSTA-REEL by Anixter consists of a standard wooden reel that has oversized flanges attached to both sides and becomes a payout stand when chocked in place.

  • INSTA-REEL's inner reel spins independently of the outer flanges creating a reel with a built-in payout stand. Just roll the INSTA-REEL into place, chock the flanges and start pulling your cable.
  • INSTA-REELs are pre-loaded with the cable of your choice and delivered completely assembled. After use, the INSTA-REEL is returned to Anixter making it an eco-friendly as well as cost-efficient product.
  • By paralleling and phase taping multiple conductors on the same reel, you can further reduce your labor costs and time. Additionally, pulling eyes can be installed on single-conductor cables.

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Download a datasheet below to learn more about the INSTA-REEL solution.


  • Easily rolls into your pull position
  • Is shipped with flange chocks
  • Turns easily with independently spinning outer flanges
  • Can be pulled directly from the shipping cradle if desired
  • Gives the option of multiple conductors being paralleled onto the reel
  • Allows for pulling eyes to be installed on single-conductor cables


  • Reduces the time and injury risk of locating and setting up jack stands
  • Can be pulled directly from the shipping cradle if desired
  • Is returnable which eliminates disposal costs and lessens the environmental impact of standard wooden reels

Sizes and Applications

Anixter's INSTA-REELs come in several sizes. Each one fits a particular application.

14RR-INSTA-70-60W Reel

Approx. Empty Weight – 965 lbs
Our 70” high by 60” wide reel accommodates long lengths
of medium voltage cables and large industrial cables. Its large drum allows for the minimum bending radius of large cables.

Anixter INSTA-REEL 14RR-INSTA-70-60W Reel image


14RR-INSTA-48-48W Reel

Anixter INSTA-REEL 14RR-INSTA-48-48W Reel image

Approx. Empty Weight – 412 lbs
Our 48” high by 48” wide reel is designed to handle many types of cable including medium-voltage, tray, control, instrumentation, fiber and telecommunication exchange cables as well as building wire. It has a large drum to allow for large minimum bending radiuses. 

14RR-INSTA-48-33W Reel

Anixter 14RR-INSTA-48-33W Reel image

Approx. Empty Weight – 370 lbs
The 48” high by 33” wide reel allows for maneuvering through standard 36-inch doorways. It is targeted for indoor use on cables such as building wire and control and instrumentation cables. 

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