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Anixter offers contractor customers value-added job carts to efficiently and securely store tools and supplies during the rough-in stage of construction.

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When you buy low-voltage products and supplies for your construction site, ask your Anixter representative about staging these products utilizing Anixter’s value-added job carts. In addition to keeping your products organized and safe from theft, job carts also increase productivity and reduce labor by minimizing trips to the job storage area.


  • Lifting eyelets: with a lifting weight of 5,000 lb., our carts can be lifted to floors by cranes, eliminating the need for service elevators
  • Bins and slanted shelves great for small parts
  • Adjustable shelving spacing and quantity adjustable to fit your project
  • Cable feed slots to keep contents secure while pulling cable
  • Four rotating casters for easy maneuvering in cramped spaces
  • Doors on the front and back for easy access
  • Utility hooks for hanging tools or protective wear
  • LED lighting: easily find what you’re looking for, even in the dark
  • Power strip allows for theft prevention while charging battery-operated tools
  • Cable payout enables easy maneuvering of cable reels and prevents theft
  • Fork lift brackets for easy transport
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Two Depth Options

  • 26 inches - fits through standard 32-inch residential doorways
    • Dimensions: 56-11/16" wide x 26" deep x 70-13/16" high
  • 32 inches - fits through commercial 36-inch doorways
    • Dimensions: 56-11/16" wide x 32" deep x 70-13/16" high
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Try Anixter job cart on your next project. Contact our experts to learn more.

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