Photovoltaic Solar Assemblies

Photovoltaic (PV) solar assembly services significantly reduce time and labor costs associated with installing PV cables.  


Anixter can help you reduce installation time and labor costs at the job site by building custom assemblies in our facilities. We create a customized build sheet using lengths and labeling instructions provided by you, and use this to manufacture the assemblies, which include:

  • Cutting and labelling
  • Connectorizing, if needed
  • Taping or cable tying.

Completed assemblies are put on reels shipped to the job site clearly labelled with the assembly configuration.

 Gain additional time and labor savings with solar INSTA-REEL

Our solar INSTA-REELs are specifically designed to install direct current collector cables from the combiner boxes to the inverters. They allow for simultaneous pulling of both cables without the need for jack stands and offer increased mobility via counter-rotating flanges that allow the reels to turn easily.

Try PV solar assemblies on your next project. Contact our experts to learn more.