Laser Marking

Customized marking solutions for any need.



Anixter has the ability to mark almost any material quickly with permanent laser markings that can withstand tough environments. The laser marking technology can replace traditional marking methods such as inkjets, stick-on lables, etching, stamping and dot peen.

Challenges of Traditional Markings

  • Cannot print or adhere to all materials
  • Markings become illegible over time
  • Poor print quality
  • Costly maintenance -unable to keep up with peak production speeds 

Benefits of Laser Marking

  • Can mark on almost any material
  • Ecological – no additives or pigments
  • Traceability through supply chain
  • Clear and permanent markings
  • Customizable


Suitable for a wide range of industry applications including; metal, wire and cable, contract manufacturing, end products, harness houses, panel builders, marine, food and beverage, mining, transportation, oil and gas.


Wire and Cable

Metal Laser Marking image
  • Markings on all metals
  • Taceability markings throughout the supply chain from hot steel mill product to semi-finished products and the end product
Wire and Cable Laser Marking image
  • Designed to replace the traditional marking systems, such as inkjets
  • Short payback times

End Products

Contract Manufacturing

End Products Laser Marking image
  • High-quality product markings for all needs (logos, design, personalization, mass customization)
Contract Manufacturing Laser Marking image
  • Tested and verified parameter library for metals, polymers, coated materials and more

Try laser marking on your next project.