Technology Alliance Partner Program

As a provider of leading-edge solutions, Anixter recognizes the benefits that a joint partnership can bring to its customers. Providing product recommendations, installation advice and technology solutions best suited for an application or environment is why we have developed the Technology Alliance PartnerSM program.

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The Anixter Technology Alliance Partner program hand picks the best-in-class suppliers to jointly go to market and develop solutions to help customers operate more efficiently and securely while maximizing value. View our product solutions below.

Professional A/V

Simplify access and understanding of professional A/V technology and products with our Alliance Partners, enabling you to CONNECT spaces more efficiently.

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Provide solutions that simplify product choices and deliver performance, scalability and reliability with our Alliance Partners in mission-critical systems.

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Enclosures and Pathways

Browse our selection of enclosures and pathways from our Alliance Partners based on customer and environment requirements.

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Electrical Supplies

Explore our wide range of electrical bulks and infrastructure components from our Alliance Partners to support, install, terminate and protect an entire electrical system.

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Industrial Supplies

Managing all the maintenance, repair and operational products just got easier with an extensive product portfolio from our Alliance Partners.

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Locking Solutions

Introducing Locking Solutions by Anixter, a dedicated support team for locksmith and security dealers built to improve speed, accuracy and efficiency.

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Design, expertise, services, Alliance Partners and an extensive lighting product portfolio are just a few resources you will find here.

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Browse our selection of networking components based on customer requirements with our Alliance Partners.

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Network Infrastructure

High-performance networking cabling solutions are critical in the enterprise network. Browse our selection of cables that fit your requirements with our Alliance Partners.

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Power and Thermal Management

Explore every component of power and thermal solutions offered by our Alliance Partners to deliver the visibility and reliability your business needs.

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Power Distribution and Transmission

Explore the growing selection of high- and medium-voltage solutions brought to you by our Alliance Partners.

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Developing the right security solution is about understanding the product offering. Browse our Alliance Partner offering to find the right solution.

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Build your systems to be ready for the future. Browse our wireless product solutions from our Alliance Partners.

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