CommScope acquires Redwood Systems

With the purpose of responding to the growing demand for large-scale intelligent infrastructure solutions, CommScope has acquired Redwood Systems Inc., an industry leader in LED lighting solutions and integrated sensor networks for data centers and buildings. Learn it all about this acquisition, in this article!

Innovative lighting systems through LEDs have recently been added to Anixter’s wide portfolio offering of intelligent solutions for building infrastructures. This latest incorporation was accomplished thanks to the fact that CommScope, Anixter’s strategic partner, has acquired Redwood Systems Inc., a privately-held lighting performance solutions provider with offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, leader in light emitting diode – LED- technology solutions that help facilitate lower cost and higher-performing workplaces.

About Redwood
Redwood Systems Redwood developed what is believed to be the world’s first smart building platform that powers and controls the lighting system with a high-density sensor grid. This platform provides energy savings that typically average 75 percent improvement over traditional fluorescent lighting systems for office buildings, and 90 percent improvement for data centers, with granular monitoring of space utilization, temperature and power consumption.

This world renowned approach uses patented networking technology and low-voltage direct current -or DC- architecture for low-cost, highly reliable and scalable installation processes.

The acquisition is intended to strengthen CommScope’s position in intelligent building infrastructure solutions, enabling the company to provide one of the most comprehensive and automated infrastructure management platforms in the industry.

Redwood Systems is recognized as a winner of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Building Performance 2013 Award. Its selection as the top solution in the Energy-Using Product category underscores Redwood’s unique approach to delivering improved building performance and reducing energy consumption through lighting systems.

All these benefits and more…!

With upcoming enhancements to optimize its operation over twisted pair cabling, the Redwood Systems platform can be deployed over CommScope's readily available standardized structured cabling infrastructure. This can help CommScope's data center and intelligent building customers maximize their investment in cabling infrastructure and move towards more integrated IT and building systems, thus reducing installation costs and ongoing operational expenses.

“By adding Redwood’s innovative solutions, we expect to better meet our customers' desire for improved energy efficiency and provide a cost-effective platform for enabling truly intelligent buildings,” said Kevin St. Cyr, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, CommScope.

Tremendous insight on building usage can be obtained from analyzing the centrally stored data from the sensor network. In turn, this knowledge enables additional efficiency improvements and enhanced capabilities well beyond efficient lighting.

With this integration, CommScope will now be able to provide Redwood Systems customers with infrastructure management software and cabling solutions to help meet their unique needs by implementing efficient asset management solutions.
"Redwood Systems brings a legacy of pioneering systems and offerings that make commercial facilities more intelligent and efficient,” said Dave Leonard, Chief Executive Officer, Redwood Systems. “We share in the values, such as innovation, held by the people at CommScope and feel it is the best fit for us to leverage their global capabilities as a leader of intelligent infrastructure solutions.”

Benefits of LED Technology

LED technology has been around for multiple decades, and it is used for communications on enterprise local area networks over multimode fiber. The LED efficiency of converting electricity into light has advanced significantly in the last decade, so much so that it has become of interest for general lighting applications. In addition to an improvement in energy efficiency, LED lights also last longer, thus decreasing operating costs when compared to other lighting technologies. Pricing for LED lights continues to drop as the market matures, with expectations that the vast majority of general lighting systems will be using LED technology by the end of this decade.

In addition to energy savings, the Redwood Systems smart building platform monitors energy usage, room occupancy, motion detection, temperature and other environmental factors, giving a much clearer view of how building space is being utilized. This data is stored and available for graphical review, detailed analysis, or use by building management systems.

The Redwood platform also utilizes sophisticated techniques such as “follow-me lighting” and daylight harvesting to further reduce energy consumption.
All the CommScope solutions that include Redwood technology can be purchased through Anixter, global leader distributor, and business partner. Contact your Account Executive right now!