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Providing Technology for Educational Excellence

Whether your institution is a university, college or K-12 school, Anixter understands your need to provide information through data, video and voice in a safe and comfortable learning environment. As more and more classrooms are being supplemented with online learning, and mobile devices; today's students need to be connected. Internet access has become a development imperative and high-speed data capabilities are needed in classrooms and campuses to deliver seamless educational experiences.

K–12 Technology Solutions

Innovative classrooms can enhance early education by introducing children to the latest technologies earlier to develop the skills they need to complete primary and secondary education milestones and eventually promote college and work place readiness. High-speed wired and wireless technologies to the classroom are essential to the reliable efficient delivery of data to make your digital learning environment successful.

These infrastructure technologies are essential in educational environments:

Infrastructure Technologies


As one of the world’s largest suppliers of infrastructure technologies, we understand how to connect the classroom. We have local teams in every state that focus on educational environments, and our world-class supplier network consists of top manufacturers and integrators that offer exactly what you need to make sure your classrooms are broadband ready and your Internet access is reliable.


Establishing strong policies and plans to provide for the safety of students is top of mind for most parents and school administrators. After establishing these policies, it is important to select the right technologies to make these plans a reality. Anixter’s technical experts can assist in making the right choices on products and partners to integrate new and existing technologies to best support your current and future safety and security plans.  

Security solutions for educational environments can include the following:

Security Solutions

Higher Education Solutions

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure Solutions

Strengthen the reliability of your e-learning applications with robust and reliable high-performance platforms that enable voice, video and data transmission to classrooms, libraries, offices, auditoriums, sports arenas and other communal areas.

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Campus Security Solutions

The same network that provides state-of-the-art communications and learning experiences for your students can also provide the bandwidth for:

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Intelligent Infrastructure

Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions

An intelligent infrastructure solution can provide for all of your voice, video and data needs as well as help manage them. The ability to "see" into your physical layer, connections and end points means you can identify and correct disruptions and control network components immediately.



Wireless Communications

Wireless Communications

Equip your educators, students and administrators with enhanced wireless systems to support their mobile devices wherever they are on campus. The same wireless network provides your campus security and first-responders with vital communications resources for day-to-day management and in the event of emergencies.

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Campus Security

As a result of recent tragedies, investments around physical security in the education market are increasing. Anixter and the Center for Digital Education partnered to identify emergency and security preparedness trends in K-12 and higher education markets.  We jointly conducted a survey of 200 education and emergency management leaders to identify their top challenges around providing a safe and secure environment for students, faculty and staff. Be sure to check out the whitepaper and survey results below.

Popular Education Industry Products

Video Surveillance
Copper Cabling
Fiber optic cable
access keypad
Power Products
Racks and Cabinets
Emergency Telephones
Sound and paging
Voice Products

 Better networking infrastructure + comprehensive plan for convergence = a better teaching environment, better learning environment and a safer campus. 

Electrical Infrastructure

Electrical Infrastructure Solutions

From selecting the right products to deploying the project on time and on budget, Anixter can help educational institutions implement a safe and efficient electrical infrastructure to save energy, reduce costs and increase reliability by efficiently delivering power from suppliers to consumers.

Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

Anixter's Supply Chain Solutions can be customized to meet special deployment requirements for technology implementations and rollouts on your campus.

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We create a solution to fit your needs. Our team of specialists is happy to advise, educate and help you evaluate your options to select the best solutions for your educational environment.